Beginning for Kuwait

Two sets of E8000 escape stairs

When Rosenbauer supplied an E8000 escape stairs to Kuwait in 2016 in addition to several water tanker and AT vehicles, this was the prelude to a larger order from the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate, the state firefighting authority. It ordered a total of 55 vehicles, including several PANTHER and turntable ladders, other AT, and rescue, HAZMAT, command and other special vehicles. The beginning of this series of deliveries to the Persian Gulf is once again an escape staircase.

E8000: not only suitable for the A380

The Rosenbauer E8000 escape stair has two special features: it automatically adapts to the type-specific exit heights of the various aircraft via its High Level Control System (HLCS). This is comfortable and makes the escape staircase an extremely variable rescue device in air rescue operations.

In addition, only this model meets the specific requirements of an airport, up to which an Airbus A380 can be ferried. This giant is the only plane with two full-length passenger decks, requiring a particularly large working height for escape stairs. This amounts to a maximum of 8.30 meters for the E8000, but it stretches continuously over five meters to a minimum of 3.30 meters. The front platform, type E3000, is used in the height range below. Without exception, the escape staircase can also be used on all civilian aircraft models thanks to this dual solution.

Why is an escape staircase important?

An escape staircase is used for the fastest possible recovery of sick or injured people from a remote craft on the runway. Valuable minutes are gained through rapid transport using the vehicle. However, an escape staircase can also transport rescuers or medical personnel to a stationary aircraft as quickly as possible, should emergencies require it shortly before take-off or landing.

Escape staircase with 480 hp

The rolling base for the stairs and the front platform of the two specimens supplied for Kuwait is a MAN TGS 33.480 chassis with three axles and automatic transmission. Thanks to its 480 horsepower, the vehicle, with a total weight of 29 tons, accelerates from 0 to 80 km/h in less than 35 seconds and reaches a top speed of 105 km/h.

The escape staircase is also equipped with a 1,400-liter water tank, a 100-liter foam tank, a N25 pump (with 2,000 liters per minute flow rate) and a FixMix foam proportioning system. The extinguishing agent is dispensed via a NEPIRO jet pipe on a 60-meter hose.

Kuwait: a highly competitive market

The escape staircases, as well as the other vehicles, were advertised by the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) - not by an airport operator or airport fire brigade. This is due to the country's central supply structure. The state institution takes care of all aspects of fire, disaster and civil defense in Kuwait. Due to this peculiarity, only order volumes of more than 50 vehicles can be created. Of course, this scale also creates a special competitive situation. "Kuwait is a highly competitive market," says Georg Kreutzinger from the Rosenbauer sales team shares with us. "However, because the customer already had a very good experiences with us three years ago, we were able to persuade them again to go with Rosenbauer. Not least because of our sophisticated and comprehensive package with various vehicles of all classes from a single source."