The Alpen PANTHER is ready for winter

Snow-covered peaks are one of the first things travelers see when arriving in Innsbruck by plane. This city is the capital of the state of Tyrol and is located in the middle of one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations. It's airport is especially busy during the winter season, when tens of thousands of people arrive for ski vacations. The new PANTHER 6x6 for airport fire departments is ready for the harsh Alpine winter with innovative safety systems.


Avid skiers from around the world visit Tyrol every year in order to experience its famous ski areas. More than half of the approximately 1 million travelers who pass through the Innsbrook airport every year are processed between Christmas and Easter. For the airport fire department, this season is the most challenging of the year, and not just due to the high numbers of passengers. Heavy snowfall and poor visibility can make calls in the Tyrolean Alps very difficult.

RSC improves safety

The new PANTHER 6x6 for the Innsbruck airport fire department features more than just powerful extinguishing systems. It is also equipped with cutting edge safety devices. "Around here in winter, snow, ice, and poor visibility are nothing unusual. So we depend on the technical capabilities of the vehicle to ensure safe performance every time we deploy," says Captain Thomas Reiner of the airport fire department. The Roll Stability Control (RCS) system makes a major contribution to driving safety. In extreme situations it reduces engine torque and automatically applies brakes, markedly reducing the risk of the vehicle rolling over.

See more with thermal imaging

Heavy snowfall and fog can impair visibility just as much as darkness and plumes of smoke. But with the FLIR infrared camera, PANTHER 6x6 drivers can still see through these conditions. Images from the heat-sensitive camera can be displayed on the multifunctional screen in the cockpit. The driver then sees any obstacles much earlier and can take evasive action before it's too late. Improved visibility can also greatly shorten the time needed to drive to the site, an enormously important capability, particularly at an airport where every second counts.


Rear-wheel steering is a special feature of the Alpen PANTHER. This not only enables a tighter turning radius, but also reduces tire wear. At Innsbruck airport, environmental factors are a high priority, which is why the new PANTHER is powered by a low-emission EURO 6 motor.

Decades of trust in Rosenbauer

On average, the Innsbruck airport fire department receives 60 calls year. The most common calls are fire detector alarms, requests for technical assistance, and firefighting operations, some of which are off-site. The 63 members of the airport fire department are very experienced in the use of the Rosenbauer fleet. In addition to two PANTHER 6x6 and one Buffalo, they deploy two other vehicles in regular operations. This well-rounded fleet is critical for ensuring the safety of travelers, but it is also essential for fulfilling the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization or ICAO.


<br/>The new PANTHER 6x6 has everything it needs to reliably complete its mission even under difficult conditions like snow and ice. By combining extinguishing power, cutting-edge technology, and innovative safety systems, the Alps PANTHER is perfectly adapted to its home in the Tyrolean mountains.