On the rise in the USA: EMEREC DEVS

Poor visibility, lots of traffic on the apron, and maximum of three minutes to reach the midpoint of the furthest runway on the airport are some of the challenges facing ARFF personnel in the United States of America (USA). The EMEREC DEVS (Driver Enhanced Vision System), a digital system which extends the visual field of the drivers of emergency vehicles, offers support in such situations as a navigation and positioning aid. Accuracy, ease of operation, and the additional benefits as an information source also contribute EMEREC DEVS  being used by more and more airport fire departments in the USA.

In the age of digitalization, EMEREC Rosenbauer has created a mobile operational management system. This brings huge additional benefits for fire departments all over the world due to the easy availability and shareability of the most diverse information sources. EMEREC DEVS runs on a portable EMEREC tablet computer mounted in the driver's cab, which is a special capability of this system that supports the drivers of emergency vehicles as a navigation and positioning system. Particularly in applications where a "normal" navigation assistant reaches its limits – such as at airports or in large industrial complexes – the EMEREC DEVS shows its strengths.

High-precision positioning system

Through a high-precision positioning system, the most current FAA and NFPA standards are met and routes are calculated with pinpoint accuracy. With visual navigation, text, and spoken instructions, the driver is guided to the scene via the quickest and safest route. Early warnings of possible dangers, such as; collisions with other airfield users, entry into construction or restricted areas, or crossing runways significantly increases safety on the airport. For the operational leadership, the EMEREC DEVS brings huge relief when it comes to managing the situation. The position of one or several vehicles is displayed on a map in real time and communication between vehicles over the system reduces radio traffic. If connected to the airport's positioning system, the tablet can show all aircraft with details like aircraft type, airline and destination gate. A forward-pointing thermal imaging camera helps in poor visibility, with those images transferred to the display of the EMEREC tablet or an additional screen inside the vehicle. This ensures safe operation of the ARFF vehicles even in extreme weather conditions.

Demand is increasing

The accuracy and reliability of the EMEREC DEVS, as well as the huge additional benefits not available on other systems, have not gone unnoticed. The ARFF sales team of Rosenbauer America, led by Steve Reedy, have seen an increase in demand. A multitude of international customers all over the world already rely on the support from EMEREC DEVS – and the trend is rising sharply. Already today, EMEREC DEVS is in use at various international USA airports to support the fire departments: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has deployed the system from Rosenbauer, as has Reno-Tahoe Airport in Nevada, and Boston/Massport International Airport. Hartfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta has specified the system because they can integrate their specialized fire reporting software, so EMEREC is being rolled out at the world’s busiest airport in passenger volume.

Especially in civil airports around the USA, the EMEREC DEVS is spreading ever farther – often also in combination with the PANTHER aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicle.

Operational value & additional benefits

"The importance of EMEREC DEVS will increase further," Tague Johnson, Duane Kann, Paul Powell and Marty Huffman from Rosenbauer America's sales team are sure. "The high benefits during operations, the precision, and the flexibility of development is winning over more and more customers," as Jürgen Kastner of the telematics team points out. Operational plans for different vehicle types, fire protection plans for buildings, a database of dangerous materials and aircraft prefire plans, and further additional modules make EMEREC DEVS even more versatile in use for the most varied of applications for fire departments.

The products from Rosenbauer are characterized by precision, reliability, and practical uses in operation. EMEREC DEVS powerfully demonstrates how modern technology can be used effectively to provide important support for fire departments.