PANTHER Tactical Simulator: Train Safely for Emergency Situations

A fully occupied jumbo jet with a blazing engine fire approaches the runway. Within seconds, the crew is ready and positions the PANTHER on the runway. Extinguishing begins immediately after the plane lands to avoid a catastrophe. Scenes like these are hard to train for under realistic conditions – except with the PANTHER Tactical Simulator from Rosenbauer.


From the outside, the simulator is rather unassuming: the inside of the swap body container,   however, is a different story. It houses not only the original cockpit of the PANTHER including all operating controls, from the steering wheel to the joystick for the turret control, but also multiple 55" HD screens that present extremely realistic exercises.

Driving and extinguishing under real conditions

The simulator training offers numerous exercises to prepare your team for real emergencies: determining the physical boundaries during the trip is just as much a part of the operation as the different extinguishing systems. The original operating controls in the simulator react just like the real vehicle. Traveling to the operation site, extinguishing with the front or roof turret, or penetrating the outer shell of an airplane with the STINGER boom and piercing tool – these can all be practiced under extremely realistic conditions.

Countless training scenarios 

The training scenarios are controlled from the control room, which is separate from the actual cockpit. The instructor can select between different scenarios – from engine fire to the evacuation of passengers – and also intervene if necessary. A variety of virtual airports are available for exercises: select between military and civil airports, each with two runways. Even the weather is a variable, since it can severely impact an operation. Which is why a number of different weather conditions can be simulated, from sunshine to heavy rain. The PANTHER crew, therefore, has countless scenarios at its disposal for training. After every exercise, the crew and instructor can discuss the scenario and areas for improvement. 

Safe and cost-effective training

To simulate the real conditions of a catastrophe is usually not only expensive but also hazardous. The PANTHER Tactical Simulator provides an option that not only offers safe and cost-effective training, but also conserves resources. Neither fuel nor foam compound is consumed. Another huge advantage is the time factor: training with the simulator can go on until the crew gets it just right. This increases the safety of crews as well as passengers in the event of an actual emergency. Furthermore, the mobile container can be placed directly in the fire station. Emergency crews can thus efficiently train while on the clock and switch from training to scene deployment without losing any time. 

Basic training with eLearning

Together with the training centre at the Copenhagen Airport, Rosenbauer has developed an eLearning concept. This can be completed before training with the simulator and is the unofficial basic training for PANTHER crews. It optimally prepares crews for exercises in the simulator.


The PANTHER Tactical Simulator is not only available to airport fire departments across the world, but can also be tested at a number of events. Recently it was part of a large event in the Netherlands, where different simulators and operational scenarios could be tested. Emergency journeys, tactical extinguishing on airfields, vehicle fires, and mobile operational management systems were tested virtually.


Rosenbauer develops and produces not only the most modern fire-fighting equipment and vehicles, but also provides know-how for training and fire crew safety around the world. Der PANTHER Tactical Simulator reflects this philosophy in a spectacular way.