A vehicle for any operation

The new vehicle's universal applicability was the be all and end all for the Tolleterau fire department from the Grieskirchen district of Upper Austria. Their wish was fulfilled by Rosenbauer's RLFA 2000. From technical operations through rescue missions to large fires: Thanks to the versatile payload and equipment, a tool is now available for a wide range of applications.


"The new rescue extinguishing vehicle has to be able to cover many fields of application - from a cat up a tree to big fires," says Commander Thomas Wieser. Part of the reason why universal applicability is so important is due to the other vehicles in the fleet: As a relatively small fire department, besides a command and a team transport vehicle, a second "real" tactical vehicle is only available in the form of a small extinguishing vehicle to cope with a variety of deployment types.

Reliable technology - comprehensive equipment

With the NH35 pump unit and the FIXMIX foam proportioning system, the decision in terms of the extinguishing system fell on powerful and proven Rosenbauer technology. The 2,000 liter water tank and the 100 liter foam tank provide the appropriate capacities for smaller operations and/or for bridging the time until a continous water supply is established. In addition to the standard discharge outlets (maximum output 3,500 l/min at 10 bar), a high pressure rapid intervention hose reel (up to 400 l/min at 40 bar) can also be used. Foam compound can be admixed at rates of 0.5 or 1%. Additionally, the RLFA 2000 is equipped with an RM24M roof turret.


The Rotzler TR030/6 cable winch, with a maximum tractive force of 50 kN, provides a valuable service, especially in rescue operations such as road traffic accidents. "The use of reliable technology was very important to us, so that we can continue to manage our operations well over the coming decades," explained Thomas Wieser.

Action Tower in Crew Cab

The RLFA 2000 with 4x4 all-wheel drive is built upon a MAN with a 290 hp engine. The crew cab provides space for eight crew, including the driver. A special feature is the action tower in the crew cab, where various items such as respiratory masks, emergency hoods, gloves, a first aid kit, and a pull-out writing desk are located. Located on top of the action tower are handlamps, radios, a thermal imaging camera, a digital camera, and a gas measuring device. Extremely convenient are the integrated charging stations for these electrical devices, which can be left in the vehicle for charging.

Overview and logic in the equipment compartment

The many pieces of equipment found in the RLFA 2000 are arranged logically and clearly thanks to the sophisticated storage arrangement. "This is the cornerstone of our operational tactics, and ensures fast and efficient work while on a mission," enthuses commander Thomas Wieser. To accommodate even more equipment, the vehicle is equipped with a roof box with LED lighting.


A lot of work went into the lighting as well: LED scene lights on the left, right, and in the rear, and an LED traffic-directing device ensure good vision and visibility at night and for security. In addition to the pneumatically extendable light mast, a luminous balloon provides perfect illumination of the scene. This is not only ready for operation within a very short space of time, but also provides glare-free light and reduces shadows to a minimum.

Perfectly implemented ideas

Thomas Wieser and his colleagues from the Tolleterau fire department are not only satisfied with the overall package of the RLFA 2000, but they are also pleased that their requirements have been implemented perfectly: "With Rosenbauer, we were confident that our requirements and ideas would be implemented. The result is impressive."