Simple means for effective protection and quick cleaning at the scene of the emergency

At every fire fighting operation, man and material are exposed to external influences. It begins with dirty boots and goes all the way up to the handling of dangerous substances, which can also endanger one's own health. In most cases, simple measures are sufficient to protect not only the crew, but also to clean the equipment quickly and easily.

Many firefighters are very familiar with this kind of situation: After a demanding mission, they are called back to base to prepare for the next deployment. Much time is spent cleaning equipment and vehicles - time which could be saved in many cases. Because with a few simple pieces of equipment, dirt and debris can be eliminated right at the scene of the emergency.

Imagine the following scenario: The fire department is called out to a traffic accident, luckily it's just a fender bender. It is raining, and two cars have collided at an intersection. The radiator of one of the vehicles is leaking, and the fuel line has also been torn open. After the accident site has been secured, some emergency crews collect broken car parts from the adjacent meadow, while others are busy binding the spilled liquids.

Fortunately, the HAZMAT Emergency Kit from Rosenbauer was brought along in the firefighting vehicle. The emergency tank is placed under the damaged radiator, and the leaking coolant is collected. Protective gloves are used so that oil and fuel do not touch the skin or personal protective equipment, and to prevent further spreading at the scene and in the vehicle. A firefighter quickly grabs the magnetic quick-release cover and prevents diesel or other substances from entering the sewer system. After some time, most of the traces of the accident have been removed, and the vehicles are towed. Before packing up, the washing brush is quickly removed from the HAZMAT emergency kit and connected to the tank with the adapter. Dirt is removed from the boots and other equipment, and the crew can return to the station cleanly with the fire truck. The vehicle is clean, the boots and the equipment are largely cleaned.

Another deployment: the fire department is called to an incipient fire at a farm. Arriving at the site, a squad is immediately dispatched to locate the source of fire, while other crew members are given an equally tricky task: fertilizers are stored in the building, which must be removed from the danger zone. These represent, on the one hand, a high fire risk (fertilizers can be highly explosive in certain compositions), and, on the other, they can also be hazardous to health. Calcium cyanamide and oxide limes can have a corrosive and irritant effect, while other fertilizers react with water (also with perspiration) and can lead, for example, to skin damage.

Thanks to the HAZMAT emergency kit, a quick remedy is provided. The overalls, protective goggles and gloves can provide protection from direct contact, and a respirator mask can be used, if necessary. After the fertilizers have been removed from the danger area and the fire has been extinguished, the protective clothing and equipment can be cleaned on the spot. The cleaning agent is applied with the pump atomizer, and everything can be cleaned properly with the washing brush.

It does not need much space, contains many practical pieces of equipment and can be used for a variety of purposes: In two handy plastic boxes, Rosenbauer's HAZMAT Emergency Kit can provide a valuable service, not only in scenarios such as those described above, but also in many other operations. From washing hands or boots to cleaning equipment through to protecting against potentially hazardous substances: the set offers a wide range of useful applications. Operational readiness can be restored right at the scene, no dirt is brought into the vehicles or the fire station, and the crew members are also protected against dangerous substances.