Lots of space. Broad spectrum of application. The new L40A-XS.

More freedom of movement and a high action radius, above all in tight spaces – these are the main reasons why the XS concept from Rosenbauer is so popular. With the new L40A-XS, in addition to the 32 meter ladder there is now a 40 meter turntable ladder for even greater reach. Thanks to a multifunctional rescue cage, waterway and numerous practical features, the larger variant of the XS turntable ladders is predestined to handle many different tasks.


Accessing operation sites which "normal“ turntable ladders are unable to reach is one of the biggest advantages of the XS turntable ladders. Thanks to the articulation concept, even difficult to reach objects like building sections that are set back or areas that are not facing the street can be reached. Thanks to the articulated cage boom, the ladder can steplessly reach the facade even in narrow old town alleys.

Rescue, firefighting or operations

In addition to the small space requirement and the large freedom of movement, it is the multifunctional cage which makes the L40A-XS an extremely practical and extensively deployable fire-fighting vehicle. It offers space for up to four people, the live load is 450 kg. The complete front can be opened in just a few steps, which is especially practical for rescues. People lying down or even in a wheelchair can be brought into the cage without any hindrance. Thanks to the special socket, if required also a heavy duty stretcher can be securely attached to the cage floor.

The three access points on the front and one access point directly from the ladder is practical for many operations: above all for the operators this means a certain faciliation of their work, as the cage can be safely entered and exited in multiple positions. The integrated fold-out ladder allows railings and other obstacles to be climbed over. The debris chute which attaches to the cage is invaluable during operation. An accessory hook for descender devices is also provided in the cage.

First attack vehicle for fire fighting operations

The L40A-XS is equipped with an RM 15 cage monitor (output: 2,000 l/min) which is invaluable during operation. For rescues or operations, the turret can simply be removed. If needed, the new XS turntable ladder can also be used as a fully-functional first-attack vehicle and be equipped with a built-in pump, extinguishing agent tank and telescopic waterway.

On the one hand, the modern lighting concept provides good visual conditions, and on the other more safety for the emergency crews. LED strips on the entry points and top surfaces of the podium facilitate orientation. The work area can also be brightly lit thanks to two LED spotlights on the cage.

Intelligent control systems

Simple and intuitive operation paired with sophisticated functionality awaits the operators on the L40A-XS. The turntable ladder is controlled via joysticks and colour displays. Support control systems have also proven themselves very valuable in practice. The 3D load monitoring system measures the forces impacting the turntable ladder and informs about the allowed payload. With the Target Memory System you can save the last cage position and automatically execute it again. The vertical rescue system is used when the cage should only move in vertical direction – for example to rescue people from shafts. Automatic retrieval and storage of the ladder has also proven itself to be a huge relief for the operators.

Innovative functionality, reliability, highest safety and simple operation while doing so: these are the trademarks of the Rosenbauer turntable ladders. With its manoeuvrability, multi-functional use and extensive equipment, the L40A-XS seamlessly fits into this tradition.