Even lighter. Even stronger. Even better. The brand new FOX.

It is the lightest FOX of all time – the 4th generation of the portable fire pump from Rosenbauer. But that is not all: The new FOX needs even less space than its predecessor, provides more power, and impresses with many sophisticated details that really facilitate the work of fire services.


The success story of the FOX portable fire pump started back in 1987: at that time, Rosenbauer's technicians had the idea of replacing the VW Beetle Boxer engine, which was the most common engine back then, with a much lighter motorcycle engine. Since then there have been countless other developments. But one thing has stayed the same: Rosenbauer is the pioneer of the development of portable fire pumps and continues to set the benchmarks to this day. This has once more been impressively proven with the introduction of the fourth generation of the FOX.

More performance and less weight

The most important premise for the development was maximum practicality of the portable fire pump. With its weight of just 166 kg (operational), even more has been shaved off compared to the predecessor generation. But there has still been an improvement in performance: 1,650 l at 10 bar or 1,000 l at 15 bar is the performance of the fourth generation FOX. In pumping operation, up to 2,250 l/min at 3 bar is possible. This has decisive advantages, for example for use in a relay line: on a flat surface, 1,000 l of fire fighting water per minute can be discharged with the FOX via a B hose over a distance of nearly 900 metres.


Another big advantage is the compactness: the FOX was always one of the most space-saving portable fire pumps – the new generation seamlessly carries on this tradition. In the area of the handles, the portable fire pump has once more been made a whole ten centimetres narrower than the third generation FOX, on top it is even more. The reason for the space saving lies in the use of a narrow 3-cylinder series engine from BRP-Rotax. The smaller space requirements (FOX III: 0.586 m3; FOX IV: 0.498 m3) result in completely new installation options. From AT tank firefighting vehicle to the small "Rapid Intervention Vehicle" – a pickup, for example – the FOX can be installed virtually anywhere thanks to its compact size.

10,000 times tried and tested pump technology

The pump technology from Rosenbauer is characterised by maximum reliability. The single stage centrifugal pump and the piston priming pump have proven themselves in thousands of vehicles and portable fire pumps. Just like the technology, operation with the LCS 2.0 System (Logic Control System) from Rosenbauer has also proven itself. Control is carried out simply via a control panel, a colour display serves as display instrument. What is also very pleasant for the operators is that the FOX is much quieter than its predecessor.


Naturally, the FOX meets EN 14466, the European standard for portable fire pumps, and the PFPN10-1500 Guidelines (Portable Fire Pump Normal Pressure 10 bar-1500 litres). The new FOX has also been type-tested in Austria and Germany.

Many sophisticated details

The sophisticated details which you can find in the new generation of the FOX portable fire pump make it easier to use in operations and exercises. Thanks to the carrying frame lighting you can also see obstacles in the dark when transporting the device from vehicle to operating scene. The FOX can be equipped with two USB charging sockets, and everything from a ballpoint pen to a manual radio device can be stowed. Even the coupling spanner has its own holder. The LED floodlight ensures sufficient illumination of the area. Optionally you can also connect the multifunctional RLS lighting head to the FOX. The folding carry handles can be locked in three positions, which enables flexible transport. Even more efficient is the transport via wheel set – so the FOX can be moved from A to B by just one person.


For use in competitive situations, the Rosenbauer technicians have even developed a competition mode. In normal operation the emphasis is on operating delicately. In competition mode it is all about speed. From engine start to reaching the permissible target pressure everything happens completely automatically in the shortest possible time.


And with the fourth generation of the FOX, Rosenbauer have managed to significantly improve a very sophisticated product once more. And in all the areas which are important in fire fighting: performance, weight, size and last but not least the practicality.