Stationary Fire Protection in Recycling Plants

 "For us, Rosenbauer's turret extinguishing systems are an important component in a package of measures, with which we protect people, materials, and the environment from harmful events. We are convinced that this technology – which identifies noticeable temperature fluctuations already at an early stage – offers the best protection for us. We would prefer if the high-tech systems did not have to prove their performance strengths." Peter Berlekamp, Project Manager Fire Protection at Tönsmeier


Tons of light packaging materials are transported on the conveyor belts of the recycling plant belonging to German environmental service provider Tönsmeier at Oppin. Here is where the trash of others ends up. The goal: to recycle as many components as possible and turn them into energy. The situation: A fire hazard, as the delivered material is highly flammable and poses a high fire risk. The solution: A stationary fire protection system that reacts immediately in an emergency and prevents the outbreak of an incipient fire in its early stages.


As a fire protection partner for industry, Rosenbauer provides turnkey solutions in many sectors and companies, customized to individual protection objectives for the safety of people, materials, plants, and the environment. This is also the case on the premises of the state-of-the-art mechanical Tönsmeier recycling plant in Oppin, Saxony-Anhalt. Even before the fire department arrives, stationary extinguishing systems from Rosenbauer can rapidly and effectively protect people and facilities where sprinkler and spray water systems do not  offer sufficient protection. Connection to the fire detection­ systems allows the Rosenbauer extinguishing system to react within seconds and literally extinguish the resulting fire before it takes hold. So incipient fires and damage are prevented at the company from the outset.



Optimum protection with a customized stationary fire protection concept


In order to effectively supplement the existing extinguishing and alarm structures, Rosenbauer installed three powerful turret extinguishing systems at Tönsmeier, which include an RM 65 turret, temperature monitoring and an output rate of up to 2,400 l/min as well as infrared detection. The system detects temperature changes and, in the event of temperatures being too high, immediately ensures cooling by means of foam. Compared to conventional fire protection systems which only trigger once a certain minimum temperature has been reached on the warehouse ceiling, the Rosenbauer system can already intervene before a fire breaks out. In this way, the risk of production downtime is reduced drastically. Through the use of relatively small and targeted amounts of extinguishing agent, contaminated materials can be easily and quickly removed from the hall. Ongoing production operations are not put at risk.