Never change a winning team: New SRF-K for the Traun volunteer fire department

The Traun volunteer fire department is called out to approximately 400 incidents every year. Besides fire missions, there is a significant emphasis upon technical operations. Here, a heavy rescue vehicle is used, which is designed to include hydraulic rescue equipment, an emergency generator, and a loading crane for such emergencies. With the SRF-K from Rosenbauer, the fire department has replaced their previous vehicle with a powerful specialty vehicle for especially dangerous situations in the fifth largest city in Upper Austria.

Proven Rosenbauer quality in operation

The Traun volunteer fire department has twelve vehicles in use. For 25 years, the heavy rescue vehicle from Rosenbauer has been used for natural disasters, traffic accidents, fires, and other dangerous situations. It was responsible for the rapid transport of equipment, enabling its efficient utilization with a sophisticated loading concept. Now is the time to replace the old vehicle, and take into account additional new requirements. For this, the SRF-K has been customized to the needs of the fire department.

High-level requirements - customized solutions

Great attention has been paid to the maneuverability of the new SRF-K, because, despite its size, the vehicle must be fast and flexible in any situation and on any terrain. And due to increasingly frequent events with vans, truck containers, and the new tram network that is now the responsibility of the Traun volunteer fire department, a loading crane with an appropriate radius and lifting capacity was needed.

Optimal individual equipment

The SRF-K is built on the MAN TGS 28.440 6x4-4 BL chassis, with an engine output of 324 kW (440 hp) at 2,100 RPM, EURO 5. The corrosion-resistant aluminum frame construction of the heavy rescue vehicle with aluminum paneling is extremely stable and durable. The professional COMFORT stowage system secures the equipment in the vehicle. The 8 ton cable winch and the Palfinger PK-40002EH crane are ideally suited for recovery operations and traffic accidents. In addition, the SRF-K is equipped with a mobile hydraulic unit (700 bar) and a rapid intervention hose system for power and compressed air. This allows the best performance and speed in the rescue of trapped persons, for example.


Branch Fire Inspector Oskar Reitberger Jr. is excited about the new, modern heavy rescue vehicle: "An absolutely great vehicle, excellently planned and perfectly implemented! The highlight for all of us is undoubtedly the loading crane. In recent times, we have relatively quickly been pushed to the limits of our operational capacity in terms of the horizontal reach and lifting force of the 'old' crane. We are hoping now, with the new vehicle - in terms of its state-of-the-art technology - to close a big gap in this respect."