Small part, big impact: the helmet lamp

It's a relatively small part, but it's of great importance under certain cicumstances: the helmet lamp of the HEROS-titan. It provides a source of light during operations at any and all times. In the dark, when carrying a respirator, or even in flood conditions, you can illuminate the field of view at the push of a button, regardless of the external lighting.

The helmet lamp is available as an optional accessory for the HEROS-titan from Rosenbauer. For many fire departments, the small, lightweight, and powerful light source is a decisive argument for the purchase of this particular model of helmet. Because it is often of great importance during operations. This lamp is indispensable particularly for those wearing SCBAs, but it is also of high value in operations in the dark or during flooding, because it provides each firefighter with their own independent light source.


Great advantages due to central placement

With the HEROS-titan, the helmet lamp is placed centrally over the forehead. It is fixed to the helmet shell with an easy-to-use, yet highly robust support . It can be removed or attached without screws and while wearing gloves. To remove, simply press firmly on the two side release buttons and pull out the lamp. To attach, the 'lug' of the lamp, is simply threaded into the corresponding recess and the helmet lamp pushed forward until a 'click' is heard.

The central positioning has significant advantages:

  • The wearing comfort is improved. Due to its central position, it doesn't pull the HEROS-titan to one side. In addition, the helmet can be adjusted easily and quickly so that the focus of the helmet lamp is exactly where it should be.
  • The lighting direction of the lamp corresponds to the wearer's field of view. Due to the placement just above the eyes, the light cone is directed toward wherever the wearer looks. Unlike with the lateral attachments of other helmet models, there is no shadow area on one side of the face with the HEROS-titan.

Long light duration - easy operation

The LED lamp is powered by three AAA batteries and offers different brightness levels: 100% power, 75% power, and a dimmed level with 15% power. The light duration is 4 hours at full illumination and an incredible 10 hours at 75%. It is operated via a single button: With a long press, the lamp is switched on or off, and with a short press you can switch between the three lighting levels. When the batteries become weaker and fall below a certain power limit, the lamp will blink three times (and not only once, but each time you turn it on). At this point, there still remains enough power for the HEROS-titan lamp to illuminate at 75% for four more hours. To change the batteries, only a coin (or a screwdriver) is required, by which the battery cover can be opened.

The helmet lamp of the HEROS-titan is very light at 130 g, but also extremely robust and built for the toughest jobs. It is not only completely dust- and water-proof, but is certified as a helmet accessory in accordance with, EN 443, ATEX (Zone 1) and IP66. The lens is not exposed, but is protected in the housing. This also makes cleaning fast and easy: just a wipe, and you're done.


Helmet lamps for older models

In principle, the helmet lamps can be used with a variety of helmets. For older models (helmets and lamps), a universal adapter is provided, which allows lamps of other manufacturers to be fitted laterally onto the helmet. The Universal Adapter is not only suitable for accommodating a helmet light, but also for attaching a headset.