B-Type: An eye-catcher on tour in Australia

At the center of attention wherever it goes: The B-Type. The ultra-modern all-rounder was presented to Australian fire departments in recent weeks. They were impressed by the performance of the fire truck and showed enormous interest. It's no wonder, as the B-Type can do it all: from roof turret to CAFS.

It is more than 2,500 km from Adelaide to Brisbane via Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney. In these cities, many tourists and backpackers travel to see the most beautiful sights. The B-Type also visited these five metropolitan areas of Australia as part of a demo tour - but this time around, the ultra-modern firefighting vehicle was what got all the attention. No wonder, considering the extensive equipment.

The B-Type: A special vehicle

The B-Type is a close relative of the AT, but with some differences. Due to the standards in Australia and the UK, those vehicle were specifically designed for these countries. The body is lower, and also the pump and its operation are incorporated lower into the vehicle. This type of construction allows for the transport of a ladder set on the roof, without the vehicle becoming to high. Also, the loads may be removed from the compartments on the ground level without flaps. The B-Type has been specifically designed for use in urban areas.

Turret, CAFS & Co

In terms of firefighting equipment, the B-Type achieves a high performance with high operating comfort and balanced automation. The normal pressure pump NH45 is the centerpiece and supplies the various extinguishing systems. A 2,000 liter water tank and two foam tanks with 200 and 100 liters of foam ensure the required supply of extinguishing agent. The B-Type is also equipped with two different foam proportioning systems: With the FIXMIX foam proportioning system, the proportioning rate can be adjusted to 1, 3, or 6%. The DIGIMATIC 42 direct injection foam proportioning system and the CAFS 15C  compressed air foam system can turn 1,500 l of water into CAFS foam every minute. To discharge the extinguishing agents, two 60 m hose reels are installed on the B-Type: one for normal pressure and CAFS, and a high pressure hose. On the roof of the demo vehicle, an electronically controlled RM25 roof monitor is also installed, which can deploy 2,500 l of extinguishing agent per minute at 10 bar.

Ease of use

Thanks to the COMFORT stowage system, the compartmentation is clearly structured: the equipment can be removed quickly and safely stored. The extendable steps facilitate easy access to equipment stowed in deep spaces. The LED lighting concept of the B-Type also leaves nothing to be desired: An extendable FLEXILIGHT light mast, the LED traffic control system as well as scene and equipment room lighting via LED provide optimal illumination of the site and allow safe work in the dark. In the B-Type, the Logic Control System (LCS) 2.0 is, of course, also used. The pump and other instruments can be conveniently controlled via a color display in the driver's cab or the operator's panel at the rear. The roof turret and light mast can also be controlled by remote control.

Enthusiasm in Australia

Those in charge of fire services in Australia were very pleased with the B-Type. The flexible and customizable vehicle design was well received, as were the elaborate combinations of already available equipment. The fire department of Queensland's capital Brisbane was so excited that, in the near future, they will perform a test phase lasting several months with the B-Type.