Proven for generations: Why Heilbronn has again chosen to rely on the AT

The vehicles of the AT series are characterized by intuitive operation, clearly arranged loading, and high flexibility. Not least because Heilbronn's firefighters have for years trusted the proven quality of Rosenbauer. The new HLF 20 rescue assistance vehicle was made exactly according to their wishes and specific requirements.

The Heilbronn fire department has a total of 64 vehicles in service. The newest of these is an HLF 20 rescue assistance vehicle from the AT series. This vehicle was chosen due to the positive experiences with AT vehicles of previous generations that have been in service here. "Reliability, clearly arranged loading, flexibility and, above all, the durability of the superstructure are important points that speak for the AT," said Kurt Rohrbach, person in charge of the Department for Technology.

Perfectly equipped for all operations

The AT as a flexible all-rounder is used in Heilbronn mainly for rescue operations and firefighting operations. The extinguishing system, with its N35 normal pressure pump and the DIGIMATIC 22 direct injection foam proportioning system are very easily and conveniently controlled using the LCS 2.0 Logic Control System display. The 3,000 l water tank with automatic level control ensures that there is always sufficient water available for first response. Due to the many rescue operations (over 1,000 per year), the HLF 20 is equipped with a Rotzler winch (50 kN).

All systems are state of the art. That was one of the key requests of the Heilbronn fire department for its new AT. In daily use, the LED lighting is of enormous importance. The illumination of sites has become even more effective, as has the lighting of the equipment compartments. For many applications in urban areas, visibility is a major issue: "Both the rotating beacon of the vehicle as well as the lighting for securing sites are very important here. The new AT has already proven itself in this regard," the members of Heilbronn fire department say, praising the traffic warning device at the rear and the total of 10 LED flashing lights, which are distributed across the entire vehicle. Improvements for the crew have also been made: The crew cabin is accessed and exited via the patented Rosenbauer revolving steps. All seats are fitted with three-point seat belts. Improved communication between the crew and engineers was also facilitated with better visual and voice communication between the crew compartment and the cab. Particularly well received in Heilbronn was the intuitive operation of the new HLF 20: This is not only a great advantage for operations and exercises, but the cost of training for the vehicle is also greatly reduced.

Sophisticated loading concept

The HLF 20 is equipped with a large amount of equipment and devices . Accordingly, a well-arranged load is important. The sophisticated COMFORT stowage system ensures that the necessary items that clearly laid out, kept safe, and can be removed quickly and ergonomically as needed. For load modifications, for example when new devices are added, the brackets can be changed with little effort. This flexibility ensures that the AT can be quickly adapted to the most varied of purposes. In quality, there is no compromise: The corrosion resistant construction ensures a long service life, even with constant use.
With the new rescue assistance vehicle, the Heilbronn fire department has a modern and versatile vehicle that not only meets the current requirements in terms of technology and safety, but actually far surpasses them.