Pink is beautiful. On the road with a pink aerial ladder for a good cause.

When this L20-FA leaves its garage in Adelaide, Australia, it catches everyone's eye. And that's precisely the aim of the special design: namely, the pink firefighting vehicle is advertising a good cause: the "Mother's Day classic event." Donations for cancer research are collected during this benefit event.

Fire fighting trucks are usually red, or also yellow, or green in some countries. But pink? The rather unusual design of the L20-FA of the Adelaide fire department has a very special reason. Namely highlighting the "Mother’s Day classic" event. Hopefully as many people as possible in Adelaide will be made aware of this charity event by the special design of the vehicle. And anyone who thinks that the vehicle is only used for advertising purposes is wrong: the pink aerial ladder performs its duties like any other vehicle. And an abandoned Koala baby that was recently rescued has also benefited from it.

The "Mother’s Day classic" event takes place on May 8, 2016, Mother's Day. Runs and walks are organized at many locations across Australia. The proceeds will be donated to cancer research. 27 million AUD in donations have been raised in this way since 1998.

Support of Sasgar and Rosenbauer

The special design was made possible by Rosenbauer and Australian sales partner Sasgar Fire & Rescue. Both companies are very proud to draw attention to the charity event with this unusual campaign and to be able to contribute to this project.


Curious? You can find out the latest about the pink aerial ladder on Twitter with the hash tag #mdcpinktruck!


Photos: courtesy of Steven Schueler