Everything at a glance - on the EMEREC ALARM MONITOR

When the crew of the Emmen fire department in Switzerland receive an alarm and rush into the fire station, a quick glance at this screen is all that's needed to gather the basic operational information. The alarm data is visualized on this screen and displayed on the EMEREC ALARM MONITOR.


This is the procedure in the event of an alarm call for virtually all fire departments:


An e-mail is sent from the central command center and its appendix is automatically printed out with all the necessary information. For the Emmen fire department in the Swiss canton of Lucerne, they wanted to see all the crucial operational data at a glance, without having to hold a piece of paper in their hand. This wish was granted by Rosenbauer with the EMEREC ALARM MONITOR.


The alarm data that is transmitted from the command center is automatically transferred to the specially adapted and easily readable 60 inch screen. So the fire crew has all the important information at their disposal as soon as they enter the fire station.

The following is displayed on the EMEREC ALARM MONITOR: 

  • Alarm type (what kind of operation are they facing?)
  • Operational address and the route there from the fire house (where will the operation take place?)
  • Distance to scene
  • Travel time to scene
  • Response regulation / GPS location (which vehicles are already en-route? Which should respond next?)

Saving precious time in an emergency


So the emergency crews can quickly find out what sort of operation they are facing, where the scene of the operation is, and how to get there as quickly as possible. A map is displayed for easy navigation on the EMEREC ALARM MONITOR, on which both the route as well as the scene are highlighted.


Emmen's fire department vehicles are also equipped with three tablets, including for operational planning. Eight vehicles will be equipped with the EMEREC MOBILE APP and corresponding offline-navigation.


When a vehicle responds, its position is displayed in real-time on the EMEREC ALARM MONITOR. So the colleagues back at the fire station know in an instant whether vehicles have already arrived on scene or not.


The EMEREC ALARM MONITOR in the fire station can also be updated with all data from the operation, which is sent by EMEREC. So colleagues who follow can better prepare themselves for the operation. This advance information provides a significant time advantage for the crews.


For those responsible in Emmen's fire department, one of the main reasons for the procurement of the EMEREC ALARM MONITOR was that, in an emergency, the crews can gather all important data in a shorter period of time and at a glance. Proper visualization of the alarm data saves time and provides essential information displayed clearly.