Brand new in Brandenburg

Five municipal fire services with new Metz aerial ladders

Metz Aerials delivered five aerial ladders to Brandenburg. All of these were DLAK 23/12 pursuant to EN 14043 and were designed in three different versions. These consisted of an L32 with a four-part ladder set, an L32A with an articulated cage arm as the fifth element in its ladder set, and an L32A-XS with a newly developed arm.

The abbreviation “XS” stands for “extra small” and refers to the improved operational radius of only 7.40m between the middle of the turntable and the outer edge of the cage. The XS can also be set up in extremely small spaces and less room is needed for the positioning of the ladders between the vehicle and the operational object. In concrete terms, the ladders can be smoothly run up along the building facade at a distance of only 6.15m from the vehicle. A 180° turn can already be completed with the angled cage arm on roads with widths of just 9.50m. This is possible owing to the newly designed articulated arm, which has a fulcrum on the ladder set that has been moved inwards. As a result, the arm can be angled “earlier” than with a conventional, articulated aerial ladder and this not only extends the operational radius, but also allows the cage to be lowered very close to the vehicle.


Working heights of up to 33 m

The vehicles are based on Mercedes-Benz chassis and in spite of a comprehensive range of mounted equipment still have additional payload capacities of between 0.9 and 1.6t. They have working heights of 32 m (L32A and L32A-XS) and 33 m (L32), cage arm lengths of 3.50 m (L32A) and 4.35 m (L32A-XS) and do not require auxiliary drive units. The ladder sets are made of high-strength, fine grain steel in patented box knot design, which ensures an even distribution of forces in the upper and lower belts and enhances the torsion resistance of the ladder set. 

The outriggers guarantee optimum stability and maximum support is ensured by infinitely adjustable extension up to 4.85m, surface pressure monitoring and supportive force measurement. These features are standard to all Metz turntable ladders, along with the permanent registration of the impact of forces on the ladder set via load measuring pins (3D load measurement). The data from 3D load and surface pressure measurement, as well as support width logging, is employed in a combined calculation and evaluated. This constantly guarantees maximum extension and safety. 

Individual Versions

Every fire service has its focal points, which above all are reflected by the equipping of the cage. Consequently, while the aerial ladders for Ludwigsfelde, Eberswalde and Velten have a fix-mounted water monitor with remote control, the other two have a manually operated monitor mounted in the vehicle, which if required can be attached to the cage. Among other features, the rescue cages have fixtures for a rotating pipe, stretchers or a set of lights. In addition, four of the five truck cages are fitted with an extra C-exit. The water and power lines to the cage differ in design, but the LED light packages for the warning and front flashing lights, the surrounding area lighting, and the cages are virtually identical. The rescue cages used on all five aerial ladders have a load capacity of 450kg or four persons.

The vehicles were put out to tender via the Central Police Office of the State of Brandenburg and were handed over to the municipal fire services at the end of 2013. The equipment operators were provided with several days of training on the aerial ladders at the Metz Aerials headquarters in Karlsruhe and have been on duty with their brand new equipment since the beginning of 2014.