UHPS - Ultra-High Pressure System

The UHPS really shines when installed in advance and rapid-intervention vehicles. In most cases, smaller vehicles are able to reach remote and hard to reach locations, narrow city streets, and pedestrian zones in older cities faster than other vehicles. However, these vehicles are equipped with a firefighting pump drive only in rare cases. The UHPS from Rosenbauer provides effective firefighting capabilities even in these situations. Nearly every vehicle can be equipped with the UHPS Basis module. The system is ideal for initial attacks. Vehicle fires are just one of the many scenarios where the UHPS proves its efficiency and reliability. It quickly and reliably handles liquid fires as well as vegetation fires.

The UHPS principal

The principle behind the UHPS is as simple as it is ingenious. Water is atomized at a pressure of 100 bar. This expands the coverage surface area for a better extinguishing effect. As the water droplets vaporize, they deprive the fire of energy. Additionally, water vapor displaces the oxygen that the fire needs to continue burning. Having water droplets of the proper size is extremely important. If the droplets are too small, they will be ineffective because they are unable to penetrate to the source of the fire. If they are too large, the extinguishing effect is compromised because the drops are unable to fully vaporize.


Rosenbauer conducted extensive testing and determined that the best extinguishing performance is achieved with a pressure of 100 bar and a flow rate of 38 l/min. No noticable improvement to the extinguishing performance is observed at pressures over 100 bar; when the flow rate falls below 35 l/min, the extinguishing performance drops significantly.


The UHPS Basis module is equipped with an integrated foam mixer that greatly expands its deployment range. The standard version also includes a rapid intervention reel with a 60 m long rubber hose. If requested, an extension hose can be provided to extend the hose length up to 120 m. The UHPS Basis module is available in a wide range of variations.

  • The UHPS SKID can be installed in virtually any vehicle.
  • The UHPS TS can be used alternately with the portable fire pump.
  • The UHPS ATV is designed for installation on all-terrain vehicles for reaching virtually any scene.
  • The UHPS Heli is a high-pressure extinguishing system designed for airborne use. It is equipped with a 500 l tank.
  • The UHPS XL is the "big brother" of the standard version. With a flow rate of 51 l/min, it can supply two hose reels simultaneously.

Retrofitting expands deployment scenarios

Nearly all vehicles can be retrofitted with the UHPS from Rosenbauer, from small extinguishing vehicles to the largest PANTHER. Adding the UHPS expands each vehicle's firefighting value. Rescue vehicles that are used primarily for traffic accidents are a good example. With an integrated UHPS, the vehicle has the ability to effectively fight fires as soon as it arrives on the scene. Even older vehicles can benefit from retrofitting a UHPS. Costs are moderate, yet the vehicle's usage possibilities are greatly expanded.