Belgian executive bets on RLS1000 lighting system

The RLS1000 lighting system impresses with its functionality and excellent light quality. In addition, it is easy to handle and ready for operation in a matter of seconds. The powerful rechargeable battery guarantees a long operational life and is also quickly recharged after operation. These advantages have also won over the Belgian police. Initially 114 units are being delivered to the Belgian Ministry of the Interior. In Belgium, the RLS1000 will be used by accident responders and for scene lighting.

Versatile use: as a hand lamp, signal light or on the tripod

The RLS1000 is a mobile, independent, and rapidly deployable light source. Thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery, the effort of connecting a power supply is not necessary. Thanks its compact construction you can also use the RLS1000 as a hand lamp en route to the scene. When you arrive you just need to set down the device and fold out the lighting head - and you've got a stationary lighting system with very little effort. The integrated tripod ensures additional functionality. With the four extension rods contained in the device, which can be put together in seconds thanks to the quick-lock system, the lighting head, which swivels in all directions, can be raised to a height of 1.80 m. In addition, the RLS1000 can also serve as a signal light. The multi-colored LEDs allow you to choose between five different colors (white, red, blue, green, orange). If required it can also be switched from continuous illumination to flashing.
The compactness of the RLS1000 is of particular advantage for operations on rough terrain or in remote locations. You can take the handy device with you everywhere and yet still rely on the advantages of a stationary lighting system on scene. In particular for crews of advance and command vehicles, the RLS1000 makes it possible to provide scene lighting quickly and with minimal effort. Specifically for road traffic accidents, operations in buildings, for floods, or anywhere where no power is available via conventional means.

Amazing light quality and a multitude of functions

The RLS1000 is equipped with 30 top class high-performance LEDs. In addition to these there are also 16 multi-color LEDs. In normal operation (at 100% luminosity), the RLS1000 achieves 4500 lumen and a color temperature of 6500 Kelvin - this is roughly equivalent to daylight.
If required, the light can also be dimmed. Six different levels from 8% right up to powerboost with 150% luminosity provide the desired brightness. At 100% output, the operating duration is eight hours. However, light can not only be dimmed, but it can also be scattered differently via a special diffuser. You have the choice between a focused spotlight and a widely scattered low-glare work light.

Intelligent rechargeable battery and practical accessories

The RLS1000 is equipped with a 12 V / 22 Ah led-gel battery. This ensures hours of safe operation and it can also be quickly and easily recharged. All you need is a cigarette lighter, something that is available in every car. The RLS1000's integrated intelligent charging system prevents the donor battery (e.g. of the emergency vehicle) from being drained and charges the battery, so that the maximum life time is achieved.
An adapter for DIN tripods is available as a practical accessory for the RLS1000. This allows you to fix the lighting head onto any tripod with the DIN standard mounting attachment. An extension cable is available additionally, with which you can mount the lighting head up to a height of five meters. In addition, it also comes with a 230 V mains adapter to plug the RLS1000 into a standard power socket.

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