High-impact plastic horns deliver a smooth, ring-free sound. For maximum communication efficiency, these easy-to-use megaphones offer extended battery life and sound coverage up to 315 m. Distinctive whistle or siren signalling is available on certain models. To complete the line, both hand- and shoulder-held megaphones are available.

User Benefits:
- Compact, lightweight constructions for easy handling.
- Long battery life operation prevents downtime.
- Antibacterial treatment kills germs, protecting multiple users.
- Simple push-to-talk operation for trouble-free use.
- High-impact plastic horns deliver smooth, ring-free sound.
Applications: Fire and other emergency use; law enforcement and evacuation; outdoor gatherings. Comes with batteris!

Shoulder-held megaphone with external microphone, without siren signal, but with batteries.

Warning signal: no
Power Output: 23 W
Power supply: 6 batteries R 14 (ANSI type C)
Battery Life: 9 h
Range: 315 m
Colour: grey
Dimensions: 210 x 210 x 338 mm
Antibacterial Treatment: microphone
Weight: 1,3 kg.

numéro d'article 33321002