Well Protected: 250 FIRE MAX 3 for the Storkow Fire Department

One city, 14 fire departments, one type of operational clothing

The city of Storkow in the German federal state of Brandenburg has equipped the active members of its volunteer fire departments with no less than 250 sets of FIRE MAX 3 operational clothing. The combination of the highest possible level of protection with the best possible wearing comfort convinced the decision-makers to rely on personal protective equipment from Rosenbauer for this major order.

Maximum protection, the best wearing comfort, low weight and a sporty cut distinguish the FIRE MAX 3. This is why, at the end of the two-year procurement process, the decision in favor of Rosenbauer's operational clothing was a clear one, according to city fire chief Frank Ebert, who heads a total of 14 fire departments in the various districts. The high-quality materials, low weight and the sophisticated details of the FIRE MAX 3 convinced him and the leaders of the individual local fire departments after intensive examination. "The new operational clothing is extremely high-quality and at the same time very light, which ensures excellent wearing comfort."

Red instead of blue

While the firefighters in Storkow previously dressed completely in blue, the new FIRE MAX 3 firefighter outfits also have a visually striking effect: red jackets with blue trousers make up the new style. Reflective strips on the trousers and jackets provide even better visibility.

The inside of the FIRE MAX 3 jacket also has impressive features: an internal tunnel allows the jacket to be equipped with an integrated safety belt. The Rosenbauer IRS belt together with the triple-lock HMS carabiner also makes it possible to attach safety devices and, in extreme cases, this can be used for self-rescue. City fire department superintendent Frank Ebert is convinced that "this will prove to be enormously helpful, especially for rescue operations at height."

The highest level of protection with the best comfort

Both the FIRE MAX 3 trousers and jacket are certified according to EN 61482-1-2:2007-12 arc protection class 2 and tested according to EN ISO11612 for protection against liquid metal splashes. When it comes to heat and fire resistance, the clothing offers the best possible protection. The low weight (trousers: 1.46 kg; jacket: 1.63 kg for size 48-50 C) and high wearing comfort play important roles during challenging and long missions. And the Storkow fire department has to cope with many of them: Last year alone, the Storkow fire department was called upon almost 300 times, from forest fires to traffic accidents with trapped people.

Since its delivery at the end of last year, the FIRE MAX 3 has already proven useful in numerous missions: "The excellent visibility, the optimum fit, and the low weight are enormous improvements compared to the old operational clothing," says city fire department superintendent Frank Ebert enthusiastically.

The decision-makers - both the fire department and representatives of the city of Storkow - are very pleased that the volunteer firefighters are now equipped with modern, practical and, above all, comfortable protective equipment from Rosenbauer. Rosenbauer is proud of the fact that the delivery of the FIRE MAX 3 has made an important contribution to enhancing the safety of the Storkow emergency services.


The order was handled by Rosenbauer's distribution partner BTL Brandschutz Technik GmbH Leipzig.