Dry powder fire truck for large operations

Industrial plants and airports - these are the primary areas of application of large dry powder fire trucks. One of these specialty vehicles has recently been delivered to the Chinese province of Qingdao. It is not only characterized by the large quantity of extinguishing powder that it can carry, but also by the many possible operational applications.

While most industrial and airport extinguishing vehicles are equipped with a maximum of a few hundred kilograms of dry powder, the dry powder fire truck 6,000 for the Qingdao province has a completely different capacity: two 3,000-kg containers ensure that the vehicle is also adequately equipped for particularly large and difficult operations.

Roof turret and rapid intervention hose reel

For targeted dispensing of large amounts of powder, the RM25C powder roof turret is ideal. The monitor can be comfortably and intuitively controlled from the cabin by joystick. In addition, two powder rapid intervention hose reels are also available, e.g., for smaller or rapid-action operations. At the heart of the vehicle is the Minimax dry powder unit for the supply of monitors and rapid intervention hose reels. Thanks to the fast-opening large-area roller shutters on all sides of the vehicle, all important payload items and control elements in the equipment compartment can be reached quickly and easily.

Strong extinguishing effect through powder

Powder is a highly efficient and effective extinguishing agent thanks to its three-dimensional extinguishing effect. The fire is not only suffocated, but powder also stops fires anti-catalytically by means of a chemical intervention in the combustion process. A further great advantage are the many usage options: depending on the type of powder used, it may be most effective in fires of solid, liquid or gaseous substances as well as for metal fires.

Regular customer in China

The recently delivered dry powder fire truck is built on a Mercedes Benz ACTROS 3 and is powered by a 360 hp engine. The province of Qingdao has been relying on the dependable and technically advanced vehicles of Rosenbauer for quite some time: in the last two years, approximately eleven turntable ladders, 20 AT CAFS and other special-purpose vehicles have been delivered to the region east of China. The new dry powder fire truck 6.000 will demonstrate its indisputable qualities in the event of an emergency all the same and will be of great assistance in difficult operations with its large extinguishing capacity.