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Company-related information for customers, suppliers, shareholders and investors of the Rosenbauer International AG Group.

Privacy Policy
The protection of your private sphere and data is important to us. Consequently, the use of RBI cookies on this website and the processing of person-related data are regulated.


Cookies / Google Analytics

The Google Analytics analysis tool from Google Inc. is used in order to raise the efficiency of the website, particularly for statistical purposes and the enhancement of what the site offers. As a result of the storage of a cookie on your computer, information concerning your use of this website (including the IP address) will be evaluated by Google Analytics. This evaluation takes place in anonymous form and therefore derivative conclusions regarding your person are not possible. Google itself employs this information for the upgrading of its own products and services. Google guarantees that under no circumstances will your IP address be connected with other data that it has in store.

Otherwise, no cookies are used on our website.

You can prevent the storage of cookies through the setting in your browser. However, in this case it is possible that the website cannot be shown in its entirely and/or free of error.


Determination and processing of data

We determine, store and process information that becomes known to us through the completion of forms on our website. At present, we provide these forms in connection with our “Newsletter”, “Investor relations information service”, “Contact inquiry” and “Product inquiry” website offers. The personal data thus provided  (e.g. name, address, telephone number and e-mail address) will be stored and processed by us for the handling of your inquiry and used partly for marketing, market research, after sales services and sales statistics purposes, as well as the requested contact. Through the provision of this data, you consent to the electronic mailing of product information and contact by telephone for advertising purposes. 

We process this data in line with §7 of the Austrian Data Protection Act and store it for an undetermined period, or until the above consent is revoked. We do not gather any other personal data from you unless this is provided with your prior agreement.

This data will only be transferred to group companies or a third party when this is necessary for the handling of your inquiry, the fulfillment of the aforementioned purpose, or you have given appropriate consent. In the case of product inquiries, your data will be passed on to the responsible sales partner, who will then answer the inquiry. Should this require the international transfer of the data, the recipients are either under a contractual obligation to us, or are legally bound to preserve the confidentiality of the data and to only employ it for the actual required purpose.

In line with §§ 26-28 of the Austrian Data Protection Act, you have the possibility to obtain written information regarding the data relating to your person that is to be processed, its origin, the recipient and the purpose of the data use. You also have the right to correct or erase any personal data that may be incorrect and to forbid any further processing of the data on our part.

In addition, you may at any time forbid our use of your data for advertising purposes, especially with regard to the electronic mailing of advertising, or telephone calls for advertising purposes. Should you wish to make use of these rights please contact us by e-mail at:


Conditions of use data and photos

User Agreement

This Agreement applies to the use of pictorial material, drawings, graphics, company and brand symbols, videos and logos, as well as information regarding Rosenbauer Group companies and products. As a rule, every employment is subject to obligatory approval and the provision of a picture credit. Approval, excluding media companies (companies that distribute or produce journalistic media) exclusively for editorial retorting, must be obtained in writing or per e-mail subject to the provision of information regarding the intended application:

Rosenbauer International AG
Marketing contact partner: 
Matteo Paraluppi, e-mail:
Corporate Communications contact partner:
Tiemon Kiesenhofer, Phone: +43 732 6794 568, e-mail:

Conditions of use

All documentation may only be reproduced in unchanged form and in particular, lettering and the protected Rosenbauer company symbol and logos may not be removed. The official product designations and spellings are to be employed in accordance with the standards of the Rosenbauer Group. The user must ensure possession of the respective latest version of the group’s specifications. 

The inducement of advertising connections between the documentation provided by Rosenbauer and products not belonging to the company will only be approved by Rosenbauer when:

  • The connections are based on actual business relationships
  • No conflict with Rosenbauer’s interests results respectively no negative image is associated
  • Rosenbauer provides written approval of the design prior to production

A distortion of the items protected by the User Agreement through copy drawings, re-potographing, photo-composing or electronic aids is not permitted. Exceptions require separate approval. Tendentious usage and distortions in picture and word, as well as uses that might lead to the abasement of the persons shown are inadmissible and shall make the user liable for damages.  

The passing on of pictorial material or reprinting rights to third parties is forbidden. Special cases shall require our written consent.

In the case of advertising statements in self-produced brochures, advertisements, catalogs or digital media, textual content must be correct, up-to-date and in line with Rosenbauer’s advertising messages.

We accept no liability for infringements of general personal or user rights owing to use that is contrary to this Agreement or distorts the sense in picture and text.  Should such rights be infringed, the user alone shall be liable to any third party for damages.

Information contained on the website in words, pictures, sound, or video may only be reproduced, transmitted, distributed, processed, stored or made publicly available with the express prior written consent of Rosenbauer International AG. Altering the website content is expressly forbidden. Authorizations from Rosenbauer International AG are only valid for rights that appertain to Rosenbauer International AG. Third parties may have rights, such as copyrights, etc., to certain parts of the website. Users are obliged to obtain any other required permissions independently. We accept no liability for any infringement of personal rights or exclusivity rights of third parties or other claims of third parties. In the event of violation of such rights, the user alone is responsible to any third party.

A user hereby declares that they indemnify Rosenbauer International AG or any other company directly or indirectly belonging to the Rosenbauer Group of any breach of the above provisions.

Rosenbauer reserves the right to revoke the rights of use at any time and without reason.