Did you know, that ...

... used vehicles and technical equipment can be brought up to date?

With regular maintenance and good care, Rosenbauer firefighting vehicles can provide reliable service for many years, and even decades. But the demands on vehicles and equipment are constantly changing, and so many vehicles are technically still in good condition, but not quite up to date. This is exactly where the refurbishment packages from Rosenbauer come into play.

Turn Old into New

With a technical overhaul by Rosenbauer, even older vehicles can be brought back up to the state of the art. Rosenbauer's offer begins with minor repairs, includes complete refurbishments, and extends to upgrades that facilitate the subsequent installation of state-of-the-art firefighting technology. After assessing the current state, advice and planning is provided as to which work should be carried out on the vehicle. In the Rosenbauer workshop, the aging vehicle will once again become a highly efficient, modern fire truck - both visually and in terms of its payload. If desired, the superstructure and bodywork are completely renovated, repainted, and prepared. Next are the body module and payload: depending on the customer's wishes, the upgrade may include the most modern extinguishing systems, light poles, ambient and interior lighting, camera systems, water cannons, mixing systems, and mounting systems. The vehicle will look like new as a result. This means that not only the life of a fire truck is considerably extended, but retrofitting with the latest technology will allow your truck to meet the current fire service requirements in the best way possible.