Steep stuff: Why a highland extinguishing vehicle is providing its services in Linz

Steep slopes, rough terrain, hard to reach scenes. If you hear these words, the provincial capital of Linz  is probably not what comes to mind first. But precisely these challenges are the reason why the fire department of the state capital of Upper Austria has equipped its fleet with a new Highland Fire Truck from Rosenbauer.


The Linz fire department has to cope with between 4000 and 5000 deployments annually. Fire and technical operations are roughly the same in number. When you think of challenging operational scenarios, the many industrial companies, the contorted alleys in old town, or perhaps the pulsating traffic arteries that pass through the city come to mind. On the northern outskirts of Linz, however, there are topographic challenges that can make fire fighting operations enormously difficult. "Even though it may be hard to believe, there are many slopes in Linz and the surrounding area that can only be reached by means of a highland fire truck," says Albert Riedl, head of the fire department technology within the Linz fire department. And it is for this purpose that the new Highland Fire Truck has been equipped.


The main purpose of this new vehicle is the transport of equipment to difficult terrain. And this terrain around Linz is so challenging that only the Mercedes-Benz Unimog could be used as a chassis. The Euro 6 engine with 177 hp and all-wheel drive ensures that, even in the roughest terrain, enough propulsion and traction is available. Thanks to the large underaxle clearance through portal axles, even larger obstacles can be easily overcome. Due to the relatively short wheelbase, optimal manoeuvrability is achieved in every situation.


Flexible superstructure with two containers

In terms of the superstructure, a flexible system has been chosen. Depending on the application, two different containers can be used: the highland extinguishing container is equipped with a FOX portable fire pump and extensive fire fighting equipment, while the small rescue container is equipped with an RS14 power generator, a light mast, a hydraulic rescue device, and other equipment designed for technical operations. The Unimog can be retrofitted in a very short amount of time using a crane or forklift truck. The fold-out benches, which are mounted on the side walls, provide comfort for the emergency personnel. The LED scene lighting ensures good visibility around the vehicle even at night.


The great demands that the terrain and thus the fire department place on the vehicle were met to the full satisfaction of Linz's fire department. The new highland fire truck is thus further proof that Rosenbauer offers optimal and individual solutions for a wide range of applications and operations.