Radical Perfection. 

Made for extremes.

The TIGON is a radically designed, extraordinarily all-terrain specialty firefighting vehicle for industrial use. The special vehicle combines proven off-road expertise and optimally designed drive components with outstanding extinguishing technology from Rosenbauer. The Rosenbauer TIGON is one of the most all-terrain, variable, and long-lasting industrial vehicles worldwide. Its powerful performance makes it one of the most extraordinary fire fighting vehicle of our time.


Impresses with:

  • Excellent all-terrain capability
  • modular design guarantees perfect adaption to respective application
  • Extinguishing technology allows functions that were previously considered impossible

Perfection without fuss or quibble

The development goal for the TIGON was: maximum extinguishing performance regardless of the terrain. This radical goal required the perfect combination of a backbone tube chassis designed for off-road use with the cab. The result: a unique industrial vehicle for the most challenging operations.



Uncompromising, modular axis technology

Challenging operations require an uncompromising design. The half-axles are able to move freely and do not impact anywhere. This special axle design is made possible by a differential gear, which is not located in the center of the axle like the classic differential gear, but in the backbone tube frame. Each of these differentials has a locking function, which gives the TIGON outstanding mobility on difficult terrain. Depending on the required design, the chassis can be constructed with four to five axes.



Power multiplied by ride comfort

In terms of the drive, the TIGON makes no compromises. Rosenbauer relies on a proven Volvo engine for its highly specialized industrial vehicle. The drive is designed for maximum durability and maximum service life. With 515 kW/700 hp, the unit also has large power reserves, which means the engine does not reach its maximum capacity, even in pump & roll operation. The fully automatic converter transmission guarantees remarkable ride comfort, which, among other things, allows emergency crews to focus on essential tasks at all times.

Punch never rests

Pump & roll - which means extinguishing while driving - is required for aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicles and is also a feature of the TIGON. The special industrial vehicle comes standard with a Rosenbauer special PTO transmission. The PTO (power take-off) distributes the force between the pump unit and power train. This allows the pumps and turrets to be operated simultaneously while traveling at full speed.


Impressive construction

The use of laser-cut, bent, and glued profiles results in an extremely torsion-resistant yet light construction. This makes it possible to keep the center of gravity of the vehicle low. Another advantage of this lightweight design: thanks to its decreasing dead load, the TIGON can accommodate a bigger payload. In turn, its adaptability is due to the modular composition of the individual components. The result is an extremely flexible fire fighting vehicle suitable for all kinds of operations: the TIGON.




Extinguishing technology - extremly modern, extremly efficient.

This quality promise applies to all Rosenbauer components - in the field of extinguishing technology, it is double and triple. Here, the company has come to the forefront with competence and experience and is regarded as the innovative driving force in the industry. Rosenbauer also lives up to its reputation with the TIGON. The vehicle is equipped with a state-of-the-art, integrated extinguishing system. All components - pump, proportioning system and turret - are perfectly matched to each other so they get the most out of every second of use.

At a glance:

  • Rosenbauer proportioning system HYDROMATIC
  • Rosenbauer proportioning system FIXMIX 2.0
  • Universal pump N80 or N130
  • High pressure pump H5
  • Roof turret up to RM130C with ChemCore Nozzle
  • Bumper turret up to RM15C