Heavy duty hose bridges for fire hoses, as per DIN 14820. The bridges are slip resistant by means of profile inserts. Each hose bridge accommodates 2 x 1/2" or 2 x 2 1/2" hoses. Carrying capacity per hose bridge: 14 tons. Supplied in sets, each set consists of 2 hose bridges. Weight: 45 kg


This hose bridge is NOT designed to be used in public road traffic areas without control. This hose bridge is intended to be used by specially trained personnel during fire service or similar operations only.
The bridge has to be monitored during use by authorized personnel at any time. Warning signs have to be set up properly as well as speed limits. Crossing the hose bridge by vehicles is allowed only as instructed by the control personnel making sure that crossing is possible without any damage or safety problems. Rosenbauer cannot be held responsible for any vehicle damage resulting from crossing the hose bridge.

número de artículo 292702