Certified as to: EN 361, EN 358, EN 813, CE 0408.

  • Function: Integral harness for safety and work place positioning systems. Ideally suited for work on ropes. For usage e.g. for height rescue, in pipeline construction, for rock removal, for building and exterior cleaning, for special police forces etc.
  • Construction: Full-body harness and work positioning belt for work positioning with 1 fall arrester eyelet on the back, 1 fall arrester eyelet in the chest region, 2 attachment elements in the hip area, 1 safety, abseil, rescue eyelet in the abdominal area, 1 restraint fall
    arrester eyelet in the back area of the safety belt leg closures with automatic metal release buckle (if requested, can also be delivered with Cobra release buckles).Universal size can be continuously adjusted
  • Material: Polyester belts 45mm wide, teflon-impregnated, light alloy fittings, automatic metal release buckles, belt guide made of synthetic material Back support, kidney protector made of foam with two-sided textile coating, padding on shoulder and leg belts.
  • Weight: 2.2 kg

A full body harness without an energy absorber resp. without a retractable fall arrester may not be used as fall arrest system.

número de artículo 508024