Certified as to DIN 13169. ABS-plastic, colour orange, including wall bracket. Form stable, splash-proof, impact -, decay- and temperature-resistant. Two identically sized kit shells and transparent covering lids to protect contents. With rubber sealing, rotary locking system, carrying handle, screened lettering and colour pictograms.


  • Quality dressing materials, amongst others aluderm
  • Dermotekt and DermaCare
  • Bandage packages and sheets
  • Compresses, bandages, net bandages
  • Rescue sheet
  • Aluderm speciality dressings
  • Cool spray
  • Compressions bandage packet
  • Aluderm-aluplast wound plasters
  • Hyperventilation mask, breathing device
  • First-Aid scissors
  • Splinter forceps

Dimensions: 400 x 300 x 150 mm. Weight: 5.7 kg.

número de artículo 505203