In full compliance with Austrian Standard ÖNORM Z 1020, Type C. Made of strudy 1000 DEN Cordura, red-coloured with yellow reflective stripes.

Comes complete with following contents:

  • 3 transparent, different coloured module-bags
  • Numerous elastic loops for small material
  • 3 compartments made of elastic net
  • Large external compartment for further attachment
  • Solid military-zipper and buckles out of high-grade duraflex-synthetics guarantee supreme quality and durability
  • Comfortable carrying-system thanks to 95 mm upholstered hip-belt and 65 mm wide shoulder-belt
  • High-grade bandage material, such as textile-triangle-bandages, rescue-cover, aluminium bandage, sterile wound-compress, various bandages for fixing, mull, momentary-bandages, finger-bandages, various plasters and leather-finger-stalls
  • Hand disinfectant
  • Material for artificial respiration
  • Single use gloves
  • Scissors
  • Forceps
  • Safety-pins
  • Illuminating staff

Dimensions: 480 x 320 x 210 m. Weight: 2.5 kg

número de artículo 50435001