Very compact plastic cabinet finished in black, especially desingned for carrying on vehicles. Comes complete with contents.
Dimensions: 260 x 170 x 80 mm.
Weight: 0.65 kg

List of contents

1pcs. Burn dressing 40 x 60 cm
6pcs. Wound swab 10 x 10 cm
1pcs. First-aid dressing 80 x 100 mm
1pcs. First-aid dressing 100 x 120 mm
1pcs. Adhesive tape on spool 2,5 cm x 5 m
4pcs. Triangle bandage
1pcs. Elastic gauze bandage 10 cm x 4 m
2pcs. Elastic gauze bandage 8 cm x 4 m
2pcs. Elastic gauze bandage 6 cm x 4 m
5pcs. Wound plaster-strips 1,9 x 7,2 cm
3pcs. Wound plaster 6 x 10 cm
1pcs. CPR face shield
1pcs. Rescue sheet silver/gold 210 x 160 cm
6pcs. First-aid cloves according to EN 4555
1pcs. Lister bandage scissors
1pcs. First aid guide

número de artículo 504000