Certified as to EN 1498 and Austrian Standard ÖNORM F 1020. The emergency rescue set consists of a carrying sheet, a rescue sheet and a bag. The emergency rescue devices are very simple in their design and therefore easy to use.
They can be deployed in extreme situations when, for instance, other rescue devices (rescue tubes, ambulance hammocks, rescue harnesses, rescue bags, etc.) cannot be used due to either local conditions (confined areas) or for time reasons (acute emergencies) or are not available. Comes with special polyester belt (2m).

Rescue Loop: Circuit: 1 m, width: 25 mm.

Carrying Sheet: It is suitable for transporting sitting or laying persons, but it must not be used for roping up or down. It is made of synthetic fabric, is easy to clean and can also be disinfected. For better comfort comes with a head pillow and it is equipped with adjustable holding straps to prevent falling out. Strong straight straps and handy carrying grips ease the use and increase the safety.

Rescue Sheet: The completely new designed and is especially conceived for roping up or down. It has the shape of a triangle and is particularly simple and easy to use - especially in situations where seconds count. It meets all safety-technical requirements of a modern rescue device and offers suitable comfort in a sitting position. Due to the carrying sheet´s simplicity a false use is practically impossible. Weight: 3 kg.

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