Dispatched all over the world: the Flying Engineers from Rosenbauer

"Every so often you come into the office unsuspectingly in the morning, and in the evening you're disembarking a plane on another continent." Alexandra Schuster is a Flying Engineer at Rosenbauer and supports customers all over the world. She is called upon when new vehicles are handed over or when technical problems are encountered. True to the Rosenbauer credo of "Get in touch." the Flying Engineers get to the customers as quickly as possible when the situation demands.


In the whole Rosenbauer group, there are currently about 20 employees who are deployed as Flying Engineers. They are allocated to different locations – Leonding, Karlsruhe, or also Saudi Arabia – and from there they travel across the globe to carry out their operations. 


Their range of responsibilities is very diverse: For one, the Flying Engineers support customers when new vehicles or devices are handed over. Often, they also provide the corresponding training. A second important part affects service and repairs: They undertake warranty works as well as repairs or regularly recurring service work. The third important main area lies in supporting technical questions – both for customers as well as Rosenbauer partners around the world. The experiences of the Flying Engineers are also very important feedback for the Rosenbauer technicians, who can then adapt the vehicles and devices accordingly.

Quick and reliable help

Rosenbauer is not only known for the highest quality and practical suitability of its vehicles and equipment. The service provided also significantly contributes to the high customer satisfaction. "Excellent quality vehicles and equipment is a basic requirement these days. With the internationally active Service Team, we provide our customers with the whole package. They have peace of mind knowing that reliable and quick help is available when technical problems arise," says Flying Engineer Alexandra Schuster.

Excitement in daily work

The wide range of responsibilities and Rosenbauer's worldwide customer base means that no two days are alike for the Flying Engineers. In order to best support the customers, the engineers must ensure that their own knowledge of the Rosenbauer product range is always up-to-date. The cultural differences between different countries and continents also ensures that there is always something new to learn. Whether you are looking after a customer in South America or East Asia makes a big difference. "You get to know the most diverse of people including their cultures and customs," is how Alexandra Schuster describes her daily work routine. The Flying Engineers don't just travel, though, they also carry out some of their work from their local office. "About half and half," is the answer from Alexandra Schuster to the question about the ratio between business trips and time in the office.

Special competencies

Alongside the technical know-how, the Flying Engineers also need special skills to provide the best support for customers: flexibility, patience, and cross-cultural tolerance play a crucial role. "In many countries, things are very different from Central Europe. It might be that you are stuck in traffic for hours, that you have to fight excessive bureaucracy, or simply that you are struggling communicating," explains Alexandra Schuster. Sometimes poisonous animals or – to put it mildly – poor hygiene standards add to the sense of adventure.


But it is precisely this variety that makes the job as Flying Engineer so interesting for Alexandra Schuster. Not only are the tasks themselves different each time, but the mentality and the cultures in the different countries vary hugely. 


The next newsletter will provide even more details about the work of the Flying Engineers: Alexandra Schuster and Wolfgang Loidl will be interviewed about their interesting deployments and amusing anecdotes.