Tried and tested technology, even better handling: New design for the NAUTILUS

The NAUTILUS submersible pumps from Rosenbauer have already proven their strengths in many operations. Where other pumps reach their limits, the NAUTILUS is a trusty helper for fire departments – whether for floods or severe weather incidents. Thanks to the reworked design, the submersible pump is now even more user-friendly and easier to handle.


The NAUTILUS pump technology ensures that fire departments have a powerful and, above all, reliable submersible pump at their disposal in operations. Powerful and simple operation have proven valuable for large-scale flooding operations as well as for small-scale floods. Pumping out down to a water level of four millimeters is possible, which saves a lot of time and effort during further clean-up work. The NAUTILUS submersible pumps can handle contaminated water, sand, or even sludge.


The submersible pumps are characterized by the fact that they can be put into operation very quickly by a small number of people. A single person can carry the pump, and after the power supply has been established, the hose line connected, and the working rope attached, the pump can be activated immediately. The NAUTILUS can also be used in shafts or tight spaces without problems thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight. Whether upright, sideways, or completely submerged does not affect the operation.

Even better handling.

The reason for the NAUTILUS redesign wasn't just in order to change the look of the submersible pump. Well thought-out details ensure that the already easy handling of the pump was improved even further. With the new design of the NAUTILUS, both the circumstances during an operation as well as the restoration of availability have been considered. The most important premise was practicality.


The NAUTILUS is now even more robust due to the more angular pump body. More space has been created in the area of the Storz coupling, so that all couplings can be attached or detached without modifications. The cable strain relief and cable bracket have been realized in one component in the newly designed NAUTILUS, which guarantees more space for the pump cover. So a carabiner can be hooked into the lifting lugs even more quickly and easily.

Easier to maintain

In the redesigned NAUTILUS, the suction strainer is held with three screws, so that it can be quickly removed. Also very practical for maintenance work is the fact that the handle, lifting lugs, and Storz B coupling are level. So the NAUTILUS is also very stable when standing on its head, which in turn facilitates better handling, e.g., when maintaining the impeller. An additional retaining plate for the condensers and engine protection relay facilitates their assembly, the guide ring which is cast with the suction strainer now forms a quickly assembled or dismantled unit.

Even better overall package

The submersible pumps of the NAUTILUS series are available in three different versions: from the powerful NAUTILUS 8/1 (operation with 400V and three phases) with an output of up to 935 l/min at 1 bar pressure to the NAUTILUS 4/1 ECO (230 V, 1 phase), which was specially developed for operation with the smaller 3 kVA generators, but can still discharge up to 420 liters water per minute at 1 bar pressure.


The robust construction combined with the low weight, the low start-up current in conjunction with the high output and the factors which are decisive in operations, such as deep-drawing down to a water level of just a few millimeters, have made the NAUTILUS an essential piece of equipment for many fire departments since its launch. With the new design, Rosenbauer's technicians have made a well-enginered product even better.