Upgrading: Converting to LED technology

More light, less power consumption. Modern LED technology offers numerous advantages over conventional lighting. Thanks to Rosenbauer's LED conversion packages, even older vehicles can be retrofitted to individual customer requirements.

An up-to-three-times greater luminosity, and thus tremendous lighting power: LED lighting actively contributes to increasing safety and efficiency in poor visibility conditions. With LED conversion kits from Rosenbauer, vehicles can be significantly upgraded in terms of lighting, and thus adapted to a brigade's current requirements.

Customized retrofitting

Crew cabs and equipment rooms can also be retrofitted with LED lighting such as scene lighting and flashing lights, as can an existing light tower or basket and aerial rescue kit for aerial ladders and aerial rescue platforms. LED lighting technology does not have to just be used to replace existing lights, but completely new elements can also be installed. Rosenbauer's service technicians implement the individual requirements of the fire department after consultation with the clients. Optimized cabling is as much a feature of the new LED elements as ergonomic design and precise workmanship.

Modern LED lighting systems have numerous advantages: The precise optics ensure efficient light distribution and power consumption is extremely low despite maximum lighting power. These are in addition to the long lifespan of LED lights.

The best equipment possible is required for operational deployments, especially those that continue long into the night. With Rosenbauer's LED conversion kits, vehicles will continue to be well prepared in terms of lighting for all eventualities.