Press release, October 8, 2020

Curtains up on the L32A-XS Flat

Rosenbauer is expanding the successful XS series by a new aerial ladder with a reduced overall height

  • L32A-XS Flat 3.0 with a total height of three meters; 300 mm less than standard aerial ladders
  • High reliability and optimal serviceability through design on near-series chassis
  • Additional rear axle steering and reduced vehicle width for increased maneuverability

A total height of three meters, which is the hallmark of the new L32A-XS Flat 3.0 from Rosenbauer. The articulated turntable ladder with a working height of 32 m is 300 mm lower than standard vehicles manufactured in accordance with turntable ladder standard EN 14043. This gives fire services the necessary "head space" when it matters. Turntable ladders with a reduced overall height may be required in operations that involve many passageways, underpasses or gate entrances with heights that are below modern building regulations, or if vehicles with standard heights cannot be accommodated in the fire stations themselves.

Built on a near-series chassis
The L32A-XS Flat is built on a two-axle chassis from Mercedes Benz (Econic 1830 L 4x2) with a total weight of 16 tons. This means not only a high level of reliability, but also optimum serviceability, because the chassis can be serviced in Mercedes Benz's own workshops. The front axle has been reduced to a width of 2.40 m, and the rear axle features additional steering, which significantly improves the maneuverability in confined spaces. Although the cab roof was raised by 170 mm to accommodate a standard crew (1 + 2) and SCBA brackets, the overall height of the vehicle could be limited to three meters.

Special safety lighting
Together with the new aerial ladder, Rosenbauer presents the safety devices SAFESTEPS and SAFESKY: SAFESTEPS involves the automatic switching-on of the LED ascent lighting for the HL-M podium and the ladder set, which, depending on the in-service condition of the vehicle indicates whether or not the podium may be set foot on, through a green - orange - red color scheme. SAFESKY consists of high-performance LED floodlights that illuminate the area above the turntable ladder in order to more easily identify potential obstacles, such as overhead cables, at night or in low visibility conditions. In addition, permanent illumination of the aerial ladder by means of LED technology ensures optimal lighting conditions and the best possible safety both in the vehicle's immediate surroundings and when working on the apparatus. There are six 24V LED headlights and two 230V LED floodlights on the cage alone, with the cage monitor also being fitted with an LED spotlight.

Multi-functional rescue cage
As with every aerial ladder in the XS series, the rescue cage of the L32A-XS Flat can accommodate a live load of 500 kg (5 people) and the functionality can be adjusted to the specific operational scope. Special adapters, which are attached either to the cage rail or the cage floor, are available, for example, for rescuing less mobile patients or people in wheelchairs. Additionally, a ramp attachment facilitates rescues of wheelchair-bound persons. For firefighting, the cage is equipped with water curtain jet nozzles and a water duct integrated into the supporting structure, onto which water cannons that can be controlled manually or by means of remote control can be attached, and to which pressure outlets and rapid attack reels can be connected. The rescue cage can be expanded to include mounting devices for forced ventilation fans and SCBA cylinders, a collapsible rubble trough, a plunge ladder, and various fall prevention devices and components from the new Rosenbauer modular system range for rescue operations at height, such as a separate attachment device for lowering devices, a manual cable winch, or a pulley system for raising and lowering people.

In addition, various camera systems for remote monitoring of the drafting point are available, and the cage boom and floor can be equipped with cameras to monitor the personnel in the cage. The latter are particularly advantageous when the cage is out of the operator's range of vision, for example when working on the side of a building facing away from the vehicle or when transferring injured persons in front of the vehicle.

Useful automatic functions
A number of automatic functions make working with the L32A-XS Flat 3.0 easier, faster and safer in many applications. These include the Target Memory System (TMS), which records the route taken, so that it can subsequently be followed automatically time and again. With the Automatic Return Function (ARF), the aerial appliance can be returned to its resting position along the same path that it was initially maneuvered. The Vertical Rescue System (VRS) supports machine operators in rescuing people from wells and shafts by automatically holding the aerial rescue set vertically above a defined point. And the automatic return automatically returns the ladder set correctly and safely to the stowage on the roof of the driver's cab from any position.

First vehicle goes to volunteer fire department Rothenburg
The ladder set of the new L32A-XS Flat 3.0 consists of a five-part main boom and a cage boom with a length of 4,650 mm with a fixed aluminum tube in the overhead cables for water supply and a 230V/400V power riser. After the presentation at the FLORIAN fire service trade fair in Dresden, the first customer vehicle is destined for the Rothenburg ob der Tauber volunteer fire department. They are responsible for fire protection in the eponymous Bavarian district town, whose world-famous medieval quarter, with its narrow winding streets and many historical buildings, makes every deployment a special challenge for fire services.

To the L32A-XS Flat

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