Press release, October 8, 2020

World premiere of electric vehicles

Rosenbauer presents the first fully electrically powered firefighting vehicle on a serial chassis

  • Innovative 16-ton logistics vehicle on Volvo FL Electric with 200 kWh battery capacity
  • Proven and flexible body concept for a wide range of vehicle configurations
  • With accessible workshop and logistics area, and space for up to six roll-on/roll-off containers

Brand-new and trend-setting - the new logistics vehicle from Rosenbauer combines a highly flexible body concept with a new, innovative electric chassis. It is the first firefighting vehicle on a fully electrically driven series chassis, the Volvo FL Electric. The FL series was launched in 1985 and is now in its third generation. The version with a total weight of up to 16 t is used primarily for local delivery rounds. Since last year, the chassis has also been available with an electric drive, and Rosenbauer is the first firefighting equipment supplier in the world able to build an emergency vehicle on it.

Thoroughbred electric truck
The power train of the new logistics vehicle consists of a compact electric motor and a 2-speed gearbox, the first gear of which allows starting with maximum torque (425 Nm) even on steep terrain. The power of the electric motor is 165 kW (continuous output) and reaches up to 200 kW at its peak. The motor also acts as a generator that converts the kinetic energy normally lost during braking into electrical energy and feeds it back to the traction batteries. Up to six 600 V batteries (lithium-nickel-manganese-cobalt rechargeable batteries) with a capacity of 50 kWh each can be installed in the chassis and provide a range of around 300 km. They can be recharged either via the on-board chargers using alternating current, or from external direct current charging stations. The charging process is 1.5 or 10.5 h (fast/normal) for 6 batteries and less than 1 hour or 6.5 h for 4 batteries (fast/normal)1).

Fully electric firefighting operation
The Rosenbauer logistics vehicle has four batteries on board, providing sufficient energy for an average logistics operation including arrival and departure, operational site lighting (flashing lights, scene lighting, LED interior lighting) and the electrical supply for radios, laptops, hand lights, chargers etc. The vehicle is equipped with a Rosenbauer CAN Bus system, and all the lighting, the reversing camera, and the rear microphone can be switched via a 10" display installed in the center console of the cab. Sockets are installed both in the driver's cab and at several points in the body.

Flexible body concept
The superstructure for fire equipment consists of three parts, a workshop area with work surface, two equipment compartments and a spacious logistics or loading area. The lightweight superstructure is made of aluminum sandwich panels with reinforcing inserts, and with a height of 2.1 meters (interior light) it can be accessed in an upright position along its entire length. Access to the workshop area is provided via a door with pull-out steps on the right side of the vehicle. The equipment compartments are closed dust-tight with roller shutters, and the full height lockers are closed with flaps, which serve as hinged steps when open. For safe storage and optimized removal of the equipment stored in the equipment compartments, the complete range of Rosenbauer's COMFORT modular system is available with pull-outs, drawers, rotating compartments, etc. Two shelves are installed in the logistics area and four standard roll-on/roll-off containers are transported, which are secured by a special rail system with locks. Loading and unloading is carried out via a tail lift with a load capacity of 1,500 kg. 

Up to six roll-on/roll-off containers can be accommodated in the rear equipment compartment of the fully electric vehicle, which can be produced not only in the present configuration but also with a different interior layout and equipment due to the flexible body concept. Depending on the requirements of the fire departments, a wide variety of logistics concepts can be implemented and, for example, equipment trucks as standardized in Germany can also be realized.

Newly developed roll-on/roll-off container RTE RC Profile
Just like the vehicle itself, the roll-on/roll-off containers (RTE RC Profile) are a completely new development from Rosenbauer. They consist of a robust and stable frame construction of anodized aluminum profiles connected with corner connectors, and can be loaded up to a total weight of 700 kg. Depending on the transport purpose, they are available in platform and frame construction, with cover plate and shelves, other accessories (forklift runners, crane eyes, drawbar eye, straight-running locking devices, LED lighting), as well as two or four braked casters. The containers are operated via a single handle bar, which only needs to be pressed down slightly to move the containers. When the handle is released, the brakes are automatically engaged and the container stops (deadman's brake).

In general, the roll-on/roll-off containers can be loaded individually, but they are also available in ready-assembled functional units: mesh box, drafting point (with portable fire pump, suction hoses and accessories), power/light (with power generator, distributor and LED floodlights), extinguishing attack (for pressure hoses, nozzles and powder extinguishers) or water damage (with submersible pumps and associated equipment), to name just a few of the numerous variants.

Complete logistics system
The roll-on/roll-off containers and firefighting body module combine to form a complete system with unprecedented variability, which is ideally suited for logistical operational site supply. In addition, for the first time there is a fully electric drive with sufficient power and high availability (simple engine, few moving parts, longer service intervals), which can be operated without pollutant emissions and almost noiselessly - when idling, the FL Electric is almost 40 dB (!) quieter than a Volvo FL with diesel engine1) . With this vehicle, both the environment and the health of the emergency crews can be protected. Rosenbauer is thus demonstrating once again how the latest technologies can be sensibly integrated into the everyday life of the fire department in future.

1) Manufacturer's instructions Volvo Trucks

To the Volvo FL Electric Logistics  Equipment Carrier

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