RCS Simulator Tactic PANTHER

Safe in any emergency situation

The RCS Simulator Tactic PANTHER offers the opportunity to train in a very realistic environment the tactical handling of the airport fire truck as well as the handling of the firefighting and operating units of a Panther.

Impresses with

  • Increased training effects
  • Reduced training costs
  • Protects the environment
  • Great event diversity

Cockpit Simulator

The cockpit simulator consists of an original PANTHER cockpit, 5 LED screens and an instructor station. Thus the simulator version as a cockpit represents a comprehensive training variant. The following variants of the cockpit simulator are offered:

  • Classroom
  • Car trailer
  • Removable cargo container

Full Cab

With the Full Cab Simulator built in an original Panther cabin, Rosenbauer offers a maximum of reality when training. An 8-meter diameter screen and 3 projectors provide a 210° view and a feeling like in the real vehicle.



The PANTHER simulator is also available as a compact desktop variant. The RCS Simulator Tactic PANTHER Desktop consists of the control units for the front and roof lights as well as a steering wheel and a driving and brake pedal. It impresses with its flexibility, as it is very quick to set up and take down. Because the software is so sophisticated, the desktop version is operated with a special laptop. For better visualization, the screen area can be extended by up to four 55" HD screens. With a footprint of about 4 - 6 m2, this simulator variant is a small space miracle and extremely space-saving.

Cockpit Light

The Cockpit Light is the simpler and smaller version of the RCS Simulator Tactic PANTHER cockpit. Consisting of a generic cockpit with PANTHER controls, two seats and two screens, it still provides a realistic training experience.