RCS Simulator Tactic Aerial

Those who want to reach high must practice

With the RCS Simulator Tactic Aerial, Rosenbauer has developed a VR (Virtual Reality) based training system to practice safe and correct set-up of a turntable ladder in different environments. With the help of VR technology, the trainee can move around a virtual city, identify deployment sites, select the correct deployment location, support, erect and drive the virtual turntable ladder. In this way, the participant can find out for himself whether the installation site was the right one. Everything virtual, reproducible, assessable and last but not least 100% safe.

Impresses with

  • Increased training effects
  • Reduced training costs
  • Protects the environment
  • Great event diversity

Training without space requirements

The system can be set up in any medium-sized training room and is quick and easy to install with about 15 minutes setup time. Thus, training with the simulator is easier and faster to implement than with the real turntable ladder. The crew can train regularly without generating costs and without taking the turntable ladder out of service. Also, permits from the city or municipality are of course not needed here.


Frequent training - high level of knowledge - safe action in case of emergency. With the turntable ladder simulator, the crew gains experience that can be confidently implemented in the field.

Practice on the original aerial ladder control station

Optionally, it is also possible to practice with the RCS Simulator Tactic Aerial on an original Rosenbauer turntable ladder control station. Here, the trainee "climbs" into the basket after placing the turntable ladder and controls the VR simulation with the joysticks of the control stand.