Impressive in 450 ways. And beyond.

20 defined suitability criteria, 322 examination points, and 108 award criteria. That's how extensive the catalog for the procurement of the new tank firefighting vehicle for the Gamprin fire department in Liechtenstein was. The decision came down to an AT from Rosenbauer, which has recently been sent out to its new and exciting operational environment.


With just under 1700 residents, Gamprin Bendern in the Principality of Liechtenstein is anything but a big city. The challenges for the local fire department therefore also lie elsewhere: Namely, within the municipality there are over 100 businesses and companies that employ more than 2,500 people. The traffic volume caused by commuters and suppliers is also considerable. And three out of nine companies that fall under the current accident law in Liechtenstein - and for which special safety arrangements must be made as a result - are located within the municipality.

"Optimally designed for the operational environment"

The new tank firefighting vehicle should be tailored precisely to this operational environment: "On the one hand, it was important to us that the vehicle is state-of-the-art, because it will be in service for 20 to 25 years. And we wanted a design that best fitted our operational environment," says Gamprin fire department commander Gerold Kind.


The comprehensive catalog of criteria shows that they already had a relatively clear idea of what would be required of the new tank firefighting vehicle. Requirements best fulfilled by Rosenbauer's AT.

Automatic Roof Turret

One of the highlights of the new vehicle is undoubtedly its automatic roof turret. The electronically controlled turret offers a large application spectrum and excellent extinguishing performance. Another advantage: It can be used quickly and easily directly upon arrival at the scene of operation.


The hose magazines ensure maximum capacity through efficient use of the available space. For example, the folding steps have been adapted, creating additional storage space for more hoses. Another special feature is the street washing system. In particular, this allows roads to be cleaned quickly and easily in technical applications, such as traffic accidents or contamination.

Perfectly Matched to the Environment

The Gamprin fire brigade invested a great deal of time and energy into preparing the extensive list of criteria before procurement, in order to acquire the most suitable tank firefighting vehicle on the market. An effort that also paid off for Commander Gerold Kind: "We are convinced that we have achieved this goal with the Rosenbauer AT. With this vehicle, we have a working tool that will provide us with valuable services in coping with the tasks and challenges we will face in the future."