The Panther 8x8: The flagship of aircraft rescue and fire fighting vehicles

The PANTHER is the flagship of the Rosenbauer vehicle fleet for good reason. Since its introduction onto the market, it has set benchmarks in the areas of design, performance, and extinguishing power. The PANTHER 8x8 is at the top of the food chain, so to speak: nearly 1,500 hp, over 130 km/h top speed, and 19,000 l capacity for extinguishing compound – these are the impressive statistics that already elude to how powerful this vehicle is in operation.

Design. Technology. Power.

Design, technology, power. It's the combination of these factors which has made the PANTHER from Rosenbauer one of the most fascinating fire fighting vehicles in the world of all time. The PANTHER shines through its performance, its extremely safe driving behavior, and the state-of-the-art and highly reliable technology.

The PANTHER series

Aircraft vehicles of the PANTHER type are in use at the most diverse airports all over the world, from small and remote military airports to the largest in the world. Different series are available to satisfy the demands of all these usage areas. The smallest representative is the PANTHER 4x4, which is a real sprinter thanks to its high engine output and relatively low weight. The PANTHER 6x6 is a bit bigger and can already transport up to 14,000 l extinguishing agent. The PANTHER 6x6 S is slightly smaller than the standard version of the 6x6. Thanks to the body width of just 2.50 m, it is fully road-ready but also features excellent off-road driving characteristics.


But without a doubt the PANTHER 8x8 is the flagship. It sets benchmarks in the areas of extinguishing power, engine output, and extinguishing compound capacity. With its 1,450 hp the vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 80 km/h in under 25 seconds, while reaching top speeds of 135 km/h. Depending on the equipment, up to 19,000 l extinguishing compound can be transported, while the pump can output 10,000 l/min. The turret ensures targeted discharge of foam and water, which is controlled via joystick from the cockpit. But that's not all. Find out here what else the PANTHER 8x8 is capableof.