Beautiful landscape. Difficult operations. The B34 in Trentino.

Charming peaks, crystal clear lakes, and picturesque mountain villages: no question that Trentino is not just a paradise for its residents, but also for hikers, bikers, and all those who seek rejuvenation in its wonderful landscape. But for the fire department, the secluded high valleys, steep mountain roads, and cramped local old towns harbor special challenges. In conquering them, the hydraulic platform B34 from Rosenbauer plays an important role.


The operational area of the fire departments in Trentino ranges from the larger towns such as Trento or Rovereto in the Adige Valley to the sparsely populated side valleys of the Dolomites. Part of the Brenner axis – one of Europe's busiest transport axes – is one of the most visited centers of tourism, just like the north shore of Lake Garda. 239 volunteer fire departments protect the population and the vacationers, who are spread across the entire province of over 6,000 square kilometers. The approx. 6,000 firefighters are supported in the most varied of operations by hydraulic platforms from Rosenbauer. By the end of the year, nine B34 type vehicles will be in service – distributed over the different valleys of the region.

Compact and maneuverable

The properties of the B34 make it the perfect aerial for Trentino. Compact dimensions and a relatively short wheelbase ensure high maneuverability. Narrow old town alleys can be accessed just as well as winding roads in the high valleys. The engine output of 320 hp ensures sufficient power on extremely steep sections.

Particularly in tight areas, aerial rescue devices quickly reach their limits. But not the B34: it has a three-part, telescopic main arm and a lowerable cage boom. Thanks to a further small arm by which the rescue cage is connected to the cage boom, fire departments have an entirely new array of movements at their disposal. The cage can be completely independently moved. Quick elevation and positioning thanks to the high-performance hydraulics as well as the continuous horizontal-vertical jacking system ensure high operating comfort of the fully automatically controlled hydraulic platform.

Multifunctional cage

The 500 kg rescue cage, which can be brought to a working height of 34 meters, impresses with its roominess and technical equipment. At the request of the fire departments, the depth of the footprint was extended, which means that five people can now fit comfortably. The front of the cage can be spaciously opened in just a few steps, which is enormously helpful especially when rescuing people.

For firefighting operations, all vehicles are fitted with a waterway and a turret on the cage. Connected to the firefighting vehicle, up to 4,000 liters of fire fighting water per minute can be discharged from the cage. Very practical for technical operations are the integrated power riser and the lifting eye, with which up to two tonnes can be lifted on the cage tip.

Produced in the region

Rovereto is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the province, but also the economic heart of Trentino. This is where Rosenbauer produces the complete hydraulic platform series. The fire departments of Trentino are the first to receive the new B34. As the technical foundation and key product of the entire hydraulic platform series, they can demonstrate how versatile they are in use and what an enormous usage value they have right at the doorstep of Rosenbauer's plant in Rovereto.