Start of delivery of the new FOX

Maximum performance, maximum reliability

The delivery of the new generation of FOX began in April 2017. Fire departments can look forward to a product that combines maximum performance, low weight and high operating comfort. Tried and tested technology guarantees maximum reliability - the practical application of the new series has already been proven in countless operations with the FOX S. The new FOX seamlessly continues the long history of success of its predecessors and excels in all ways that are important in fire department operations.


 A trade show sensation and eagerly anticipated by many fire departments when it was revealed: The new FOX portable fire pump from Rosenbauer unites maximum pump output, high reliability and simple operation. Compared to its predecessor model, which was already lightweight, the new FOX weighs even less and is even more compact. Over the last few weeks, they have been shipped to fire departments across the world.


The FOX has been impressing fire departments with its sophisticated technology, high reliability, and maximum performance in real operations since 1987. This is still the case with the newest generation of portable fire pumps from Rosenbauer: the FOX has an output of 1,650 l at 10 bar and 1,000 l at 15 bar; in discharge mode, it achieves upwards of 2,250 l/min at 4 bar and a suction lift of 1.5 m. The pump technology with single-stage centrifugal pump and piston priming pump has already proven itself a thousand times and ensures maximum reliability. Despite its high performance, the new generation of FOX is even lighter than its predecessor model at 166 kg (ready for operation). Its smaller dimensions also mean there are entirely new installation possibilities in a variety of vehicles, from logistics to fire fighting vehicles.

Sophisticated, advanced developments

Operation using the intuitive LCS 2.0 (Logic Control System) is incredibly easy with just one control panel and color display that provides all relevant information. The new FOX shines with numerous details that make everyday exercises and operations much easier. The carrying frame, which is ergonomically shaped and lockable in three positions, facilitates easy and power-saving transport. In the dark, it can be illuminated so that any obstacles between the vehicle and scene are easier to see. Detachable wheels that attach quickly without tools make transport even more comfortable. This allows a single person to move the FOX to the scene. The environment around the portable fire pump can be illuminated thanks to an LED floodlight (the RLS lighting head can be attached optionally).


A USB charging socket can also be attached to the FOX to power devices like radios. From radio to pens, there is space for everything; there is even a designated socket for the STORZ coupling spanner.

Fueling during operation

The filler neck of the tank is arranged so that it is protected against all hot motor parts. Fueling the FOX during operation is no problem as a result – without stopping the motor or disrupting the water supply. The standard additional lighting facilitates refueling even at night.


Another new development that is special for fire departments is the competition mode for portable fire pump competitions. While normal mode emphasizes sensitivity and preservation of the material, competition mode is all about maximum performance. From engine start to reaching the maximum permissible target pressure, everything happens completely automatically in the shortest possible time.