Precisely configurable: the new EMEREC applications

Modern communication technologies offer valuable support for the most varied of operations for many fire departments. With the EMEREC operational management system, Rosenbauer has been at the fore of advancing this field for many years. The EMEREC Alarm Monitor with its individually configurable interface, and the EMEREC Mobile Smartphone applications with the newly integrated feed function for improved operational communications, are two current examples of continuous further developments.


Since its introduction three years ago, the EMEREC Alarm Monitor (EAM) has offered a simple but very effective way of combining the most important operational data on one screen. All relevant information is automatically visualized. Thus a crew who is responding to an operation can quickly glance at the monitor - which is located perhaps in the entrance area of the fire house or in the command center - and get further information about the deployment. Important info such as the scene location, name and function of the responding crew, the type of operation, or the deployment order are shown.

New: individually configurable user interface

The EAM has been developed further and will offer even more options and a higher degree of flexibility in presenting the information from March 2017 onwards. Users can now use so-called "widgets." These are graphical windows which can be individually placed on the user interface of the EAM via drag & drop. Depending on which information is deemed particularly important, the view can be freely configured.


Not only can the individual widgets be placed freely, but the corresponding content can also be adjusted. Map elements along with operational information such as water drafting points can be precisely represented as can the travel route, the GPS position of vehicles, or the alarm text. External content can also be transmitted to the EAM (e.g. via I-Frames from the internet). If a fire department is using several monitors, different profiles can be created for each individual monitor. For example, different information may be displayed in the command center than in the vehicle hall, which makes a lot of sense due to the different roles.

Ongoing further development

The automatic print function is also new: if this is activated, all relevant operational data for an alarm can be printed. The content and information contained in this printout can also be freely configured. The EAM is not just useful for alarms: during downtime, the most varied of content, e.g., slideshows, scrolling messages, weather apps, Google calender, or other information can be displayed.


Rosenbauer is continually working on developing other widgets. This ensures that users will always have new and enhanced functions available to them. Precisely configurable and also highly flexible - these are the big benefits of the new EMEREC alarm monitor.

New communication options

With EMEREC Mobile, operational management system is also possible via smartphone. Alarms sent directly to cellphones, acknowledgment (will deploy / will not deploy) from the crew, and current operational information are just a few practical application examples. New EMEREC "Feed" function: both text and voice messages as well as images and videos can be transferred. Not only does this work between devices on which EMEREC Mobile is installed, but also with the EMEREC Pilot operational management software, if this is used by the fire department. Naturally, information is transmitted only within this enclosed system and in encrypted form. The EMEREC app is now also available for Apple devices in addition to the previously released Android app.


The EMEREC System is especially impressive in that all operationally-relevant data is maintained via the EMEREC Office administration tool, and can be quickly accessed when required. The different applications - EAM, EMEREC Mobile and the EMEREC Pilot operational management software - can be used both individually and in combination. The flexibility and the numerous configuration options make EMEREC a useful tool for any fire department which they can turn into a package tailored specifically to their needs, allowing for information which is relevant to the current event to be gathered from the vast amount of data. So you can focus on what is important in operation.