Performance meets operating comfort

When the crew of the Mondsee volunteer fire department hear the sirens and rush to the firehouse, they are prepared for the most varied of operations. Fires, rescues of persons as well as many technical operations and traffic accidents have to be handled every year. Rosenbauer's new rescue extinguishing vehicle showcases its strengths in the most varied of challenges.


The new rescue extinguishing vehicle with all-wheel drive (RLFA 2000) is particularly invaluable for technical rescues and traffic accidents due to its equipment, but it also offers valuable support for many other operations. For those responsible at the Mondsee volunteer fire department, the performance and extensive equipment are not the only positive features of their new vehicle, but also the simple operation and clear arrangement of the devices for exercises and everyday operations.

First Austrian AT on a EURO 6

The new RLFA 2000 is the first AT in Austria to be built on a EURO 6 chassis – namely a Mercedes-Benz Atego 4x4 all-wheel with 300 hp. The crew (1+8) has available three SCBA holders in the crew cab, and the vehicle is entered or exited via the patented Rosenbauer rotating steps. The compartmentation features LED lighting, and the devices are clearly arranged thanks to the COMFORT stowage system. They are safely stored and can be removed with minimum effort thanks to the sophisticated ergonomics.

Powerful cable winch

Most of the operations that the RLFA 2000 was previously called to were traffic accidents. In which the ROTZLER cable winch, with a maximum tractive force of 50 kN, has been able to showcase it prowess many times over. The vehicle is also equipped with an RS 14 power generator and a hygiene board. In the dark, the extendable light mast with eight LED spotlights ensures optimum visibility. For many of the traffic accidents to which the Mondsee volunteer fire department are called, including those on the Westautobahn, the traffic-directing device is very important for safety at the operational scene.

Extinguishing system: powerful & user-friendly

Thanks to its powerful extinguishing system, the RLFA 2000 is also a very valuable member of the Mondsee volunteer fire department's firefighting fleet. The normal pressure pump NH35 can be comfortably controlled via the Rosenbauer Logic Control System (LCS) 2.0 display. The water tank has a capacity of 2,000 l and is fitted with automatic level regulation. The vehicle is also equipped with a 100 l foam tank to produce foam. The foam can either be produced via the foam proportioning system FIXMIX with three fixed adjustable proportioning ratios or via a proportioner, which is stored in one of the compartments. The roof of the vehicle features an RM24 water monitor, which can deliver not only water, but also foam for firefighting. In addition, the RLFA 2000 has a high pressure rapid intervention hose reel and two manual pressure outlets on both sides of the vehicle.

Step by step to dream vehicle

The new rescue extinguishing vehicle has already proven itself in previous operations. Plain, but efficient design, simple operation, good driving characteristics, and powerful equipment all come together in the RLFA 2000. "In our fleet we already have a Mercedes Atego, built by Rosenbauer. Everyone is impressed with the new RLFA 2000. The operators especially rave about the easy operation and the powerful pump," says commander Gerhard Meyer of the Mondsee volunteer fire department. He is also full of praise for the collaboration with Rosenbauer during the procurement process: "From the first meeting until handover, we were kept informed at every step and allowed to offer our own input. My summary: Everything worked from start to finish and we are very pleased."