L32A-XS 2.0: Compact all-rounder for the Landshut fire department

It is the very environment in which the L32A-XS 2.0 can perfectly showcase its strengths: an old town with narrow alleys, including historic buildings like a castle and a monastery with corresponding narrow access ways. The operational area of the Landshut fire department in Lower Bavaria has the exact requirements for which the compact XS turntable ladder from Rosenbauer was developed.


Around 1,200 operations have to be dealt with by the Landshut fire department, from fires and technical rescues through to rescues. So a powerful turntable ladder is in demand for many operations. It is not by accident that the Landshut fire department chose the L32A-XS 2.0 from Rosenbauer: the compact design, the performance, and the flexibility were some of the strong points that won them over. "The turntable ladder fits the requirement profile of our growing town to a tee," said Florian Kriegl of the Landshut fire department. This is especially true of the old town with narrow alleys, but also historic buildings like the Trausnitz Castle and Seligenthal monastery with narrow access paths. These are some of the places where the compact design, the small turning circle, and the small amount of space required to extend the ladder play a decisive role in comparison with conventional turntable ladders.

Multi-functional for the most varied of operations

The five-part ladder with the special, lowerable cage boom is the centerpiece of the turntable ladder in conjunction with the multi-functional cage. For firefighting operations, the vehicle is equipped with a waterway and an RM8 water monitor (max. output 2,000 l/min), including a multifunction nozzle and an attachable foam branch pipe. For rescues of persons, the four access points (three in front, one in the back) of the rescue cage are very practical, as is the 360° swiveling stretcher support. It is designed for 300 kg and can be fixed not only to the cage railing as before but also to the floor of the 500 kg rescue cage thanks to the quickly detachable multi-functional pillars. This precludes sloped positions and enormously increases the stability: making it possible to rescue people gently and without problems even from dormers. For work tasks and other operations, the unit features a power riser to the cage (240 V / 400 V). In addition a high performance fan can be attached to the cage, with which the vehicle is equipped.

Intelligent systems for control

Various systems support the operator in controlling the ladder: for instance, the ladder can automatically return into the ladder headrest, and the Target Memory System (TMS) remembers individual positions and automatically returns the cage to these positions as often as required and whenever needed at the push of a button. This saves a lot of time when a specific location needs to be accessed repeatedly – a balcony, for instance, to which people have fled from a building fire. The Vertical Recue System (VRS) also makes the work of the operator easier: when activated, the cage moves only vertically straight up or down. Ascending a facade is just one example of how this system may be used. The 3D load measurement permanently measures the forces which are exerted on the ladder, and the ground pressure monitoring checks the jacking loads.

Powerful LED lighting

The vehicle illumination plays an especially crucial role in night operations. Just like the compartmentation, the top surface, and the vehicle surroundings, the jacking area is also illuminated with state-of-the-art LED lamps. Two LED spotlights are attached to the base section of the ladder as well as two high-performance LEDS on the cage floor and both sides of the cage. These can be used for optimum illumination of an operation site. Other equipment features such as the camera on the front of the cage, seat heating in the main control station, or color displays on the jacking stands ensure a great deal of operating comfort during operations and exercises.

The complete package of the L32A-XS 2.0 with its compact dimensions, high performance, and multi-functional use won over the crew members of the Landshut fire department. "Almost two years of planning, the close contact with Rosenbauer's development and sales teams – all of which turned into a perfect product for us," firefighter Florian Kriegl is delighted with the new turntable ladder of the Landshut fire department fleet.