In operation in the large city in the world

In Chongqing, more than 30 million people live in an area which is almost the size of Austria. This makes the Chinese metropolis the biggest city in the world, bigger even than Shanghai, Tokyo, or Mexico City. Several Rosenbauer vehicles are already in service with the city's fire department: as of late also an enormous tank firefighting vehicle which is equipped with a powerful pump system and extremely powerful water monitor.


32 million people live in an area which - at 82,000 square kilometers - is as big as all of Austria. Chongqing is one of the prime examples of the development of China in recent decades. Just a few short decades ago this area was dotted with bamboo huts and cows in lush meadows. But with the construction of the Three Gorges Dam in 1993, not only did the water table of the Yangtse River increase, but also the significance of the former village. As a result, Chongqing rose to become the most important economic metropolis of the Chinese hinterland. High-rise buildings sprouted from the ground like mushrooms and the population exploded.

Bought for major fires

For the city's fire department - the Chongqing Fire Bureau - there are major challenges due the huge operational area alone. The new tank firefighting vehicle (TLF) 15,000/5,000 was bought especially to fight major fires. It is perfectly equipped for such scenarios thanks to its tank capacity and the powerful pump unit. The over eleven meter long vehicle is built on a Mercedes-Benz Actros chassis with four axles, the engines generate nearly 600 hp. When the 15,000 l water tank and the 5,000 l foam tank are filled, the vehicle weighs over 40 tonnes.

Lots of power: pump and turret

The heart of TLF is the extinguishing system: the Rosenbauer normal pressure pump delivers up to 12,500 l per minute at ten bar and ensures that a lot of fire fighting water can be fed or discharged during operation. With the FOAMATIC A foam proportioning system you can choose between three fixed proportioning ratios (3%, 6%, 8%) of foam production. A further highlight of the vehicle is the powerful roof turret, which also has a very large throw range: up to 12,000 l of water per minute at ten bar can be discharged with the RM130C . With this, water can be discharged over 100 meters onto the seat of a fire, foam up to 90 meters. In addition, the TLF is also equipped with a rapid intervention hose reel and ground sweep nozzles.

Active firefighting and extinguishing water supply

The Chongqing Fire Bureau aquired the TLF 15,000/5,000 primarily for two reasons: active firefighting with the powerful roof turret, but also for supplying other fire fighting trucks with fire fighting water. The tank capacity and the pump unit ensure that both tasks are carried out extremely efficiently.


Forecasts predict that the largest city in the world will continue to grow. Even higher high-rise buildings will be built to accommodate even more people. For the city's fire department, this means that their operational area will become even larger   and capacities will have to be increased. The powerful Rosenbauer vehicles, which are tailor-made according to customers' wishes, will certainly continue to provide their excellent service for challenging operations in the giant metropolis in the future.