Even more compact. The new C-Series turntable ladders.

An even more compact vehicle and thanks to the completely new bogie even less space is required: Rosenbauer has developed a revolutionary concept for turntable ladders with its new "C" (for Compact) series. Despite maintaining its full functionality, the L27-C can be positioned closer to buildings or other obstructions than any previous turntable ladder models, and it can be used without restrictions.


The increasingly complex tasks of fire departments require continual development of the equipment used. There is also an increasing number of special solutions for aerial rescue devices in order to meet the broad range of duties required of them. Already during the development of the L32A-XS, the engineers at Rosenbauer developed a turntable ladder that is especially useful in narrow alleys and old town areas. In the case of the L27-C, a completely newly developed bogie concept is being used for the first time, which further radically reduces the spatial requirements.


Minimum space needed in the vehicle

The L27-C, as the first in the new series, is built on a Mercedes Benz Atego chassis. Even the dimensions of the vehicle show how compact this turntable ladder is: only 8.57 meters long, 2.35 meters wide and 3.27 meters high. This alone is already remarkable, but these compact dimensions are only really revolutionary in combination with the new, extremely space-saving bogie: This is responsible for the fact that the turntable ladder can be used in its full range of functions even in minimal space. The L27-C convinces in all operational situations, with a very small overhang over the vehicle contour. When the bogie is at 90° to the vehicle, it does not project beyond this contour. The new C-series also has all the usual functions of a Rosenbauer turntable ladder, such as, for example,   an automatic and continuously variable leveling system up to 10° inclination.


The advantages of the new L27-C have already made an impression: in the French department of Tarn, more precisely in the two towns of Albi and Castres, two C-Series turntable ladders have already been put into service. Both cities offer beautiful, but very narrow, old town alleys - exactly what the L27-C was designed for. But the compact dimensions and the revolutionary bogie concept were not the only reasons for the purchase. Those responsible at "SDIS du Tarn" - the professional fire department of the "Departements" - were greatly impressed by the overall concept.


New bogie meets proven quality

The multifunctional 4-man working cage, including combination storage for the patient and basket stretcher, has been an important factor in the many rescues from heights in Albi and Castres. The integrated water level control system and the connectable RM8 turret with a capacity of up to 2,000 l/min play an important role in firefighting operations. The entire turntable ladder and the surrounding area is illuminated with LED floodlights, which provide daylight-like conditions even during night-time operations.


The machine operators will be particularly pleased with the new turntable ladders: Both L27-Cs are equipped with proven systems for workability, including TMS (Target Memory System) and VRS (Vertical Rescue System). The reversing camera facilitates manoeuvring, while the main control panel is fitted with seat heating for comfort and warmth. In addition, there are other practical details and safety systems: by means of a 3D load measurement, the forces acting upon the ladder set are permanently measured. The generator can be remotely controlled from different positions (main control panel, jack control panel, cage). The two-way intercom system ensures optimal communication between the operator station and the basket.


The firefighters of the "SDIS du Tarn" are very proud that their fleet has been expanded with two modern turntable ladders from the new C Series. Rosenbauer is also quite proud: With the complete redevelopment of the bogie, we have been able to find an answer to one of the many exciting challenges facing fire services, which offers significant operational advantages.