Indispensable: L32 A-XS 2.0 convinces the Hamm fire department

Full functionality even in tight spaces – this was one of the most important requirements for the new aerial ladders from the city of Hamm, Germany. In the end, the L32A-XS 2.0 has delivered the most convincing arguments. By now, the vehicles have proven themselves in numerous operations.

From roof fires to personal rescues from a great height through to support of the diving team – the three new L32A-XS 2.0 aerial ladders were enlisted for the most diverse of tasks in the city of Hamm. But not just the task area, also the city area itself holds special challenges: the city center and the miners' estates can only be reached via narrow alleys. For those responsible at the Hamm fire department, it was therefore clear that the new aerial ladders would have to be equipped with an articulating ladder. The L32A-XS 2.0 managed to impress with its mobility and agility even in tight spaces.

Successful baptism of fire

Hamm's fire department responds to 800 fire alarms and 1,800 rescue operations every year. Now, a L32A-XS 2.0 is also used in most cases. The core tasks include firefighting, rescuing people or animals as well as investigating and illuminating the scene. The vehicles have already proven themselves since delivery of the three new aerial ladders in September 2015. For example, in a roof fire where the fire was fought from the cage. The RM15C turret and the connection options directly on the cage have turned out to be very practical in operation, according to the fire department. Also, the standard and auxiliary spotlights of the L32A-XS 2.0 have already survived their baptism of fire. A large cemetery was illuminated from the cage on the aerial ladder, in which a team of rescue dogs was searching for a missing person.

The city of Hamm is traversed by the Lippe and the Datteln-Hamm canal. That's why the fire department has a diving team that is supported by an aerial ladder, if required. And what's indispensable there: the possibility of also deploying the cage below ground. So, for example, people in ships can be rescued from the water with the aerial ladder. What is very practical for this is the folding ladder, which can be immersed into the water from the cage.

The 500 kg rescue cage - truly versatile

The colleagues of Hamm's fire department are especially impressed by the multi-functionality of the 500 kg rescue cage. The water supply, the RM15C turret, and the different connection options render valuable services during firefighting operations. If required, even a fan can be attached. For rescuing people, a stretcher mount can be quickly and easily attached to the cage. The lifting lug on the tip of the cage boom is quite useful in operations. The load-capacity of the cage is also positively highlighted by those responsible at the Hamm fire department.

The lighting concept has also been especially well-received. Equipment compartments, the top surface, and also the access points are furnished with modern LED lighting. The non-slip body also ensures additional safety. What's important for the operator is the simple and clear operation of the L32A-XS 2.0. "This impressed the colleagues," said Theodor Weber, Head of Logistics and Technology of the Hamm fire department. Even the comfortable main control panel with seat heating and the cameras on the swivel arm and cage front due their bit to ensure the satisfaction of the operators.

The wide range of applications, the versatility of the usable and functional cage, and the small space required for setup will ensure that the three L32A-XS 2.0s of the Hamm fire department will prove extremely useful in many operations.