Powerful & lightweight: the new FOX S

A lightweight portable pump that requires little space and yet still impresses with high performance - that's the new FOX S. The light weight and smaller dimensions open up many new possibilities. A BPR Rotax engine provides all the necessary power, even in the most adverse conditions, and ensures maximum reliability.

The engine is at the heart of any portable pump. Reliability and stable performance in the most adverse conditions is very important - at some point, you will have to rely on maximum operational capacity during a deployment. The new FOX S has been fitted with a 2-cylinder 4-stroke in-line engine manufactured by BRP Rotax and thus meets high demands for maximum reliability.

Maximum reliability in adverse conditions

The engine was designed for use with snowmobiles and jet skis, and is still used with them. For this purpose, maximum reliability under the most adverse conditions is the top priority. Even at temperatures well below zero and in heavy blizzards, a snowmobile must always start and be able to deliver its full power. The same applies to jet skis, which are used on the open seas. An engine failure here could have fatal consequences. Another plus point of the unit: The high full-throttle ratio upon which the engines are designed corresponds exactly to the requirements of a portable pump.

For use in the FOX S portable pumps, the motors are specially adapted to the needs of Rosenbauer. They are equipped with a longer crankshaft and an integrated mounting option for the centrifugal pump on the Rotax production line.

Light, slim, and powerful

The FOX S not only meets all requirements of the DIN EN 14466 standard for portable pumps, it actually exceeds them: 1,050 l / min at 10 bar (277 gpm at 145 psi) makes it a full-fledged alternative to other devices available on the market. The weight-optimized design is, amongst other things, an advantage for use in smaller vehicles. Compliance with weight limits is easier with the FOX S, or other equipment can be carried along due to the extra weight capacity, respectively. The FOX S also offers several advantages when it comes to space requirements: It fits just as well into the equipment compartment of vehicles. This means that no lowering device is needed, space is gained for other equipment, and money is saved in equipping the vehicle. The very small size in comparison to other portable pumps, at a weight of 150 kg/330 lb (ready state), makes it considerably easier to transport it to the scene.

Intuitive and simple operation via the display

Just like the FOX, Rosenbauer is again using simple, intuitive operation via the press of a button. However, for the first time a color display is used, presenting all relevant information in a practical manner. Alternatively, operation via a hand throttle is available. Only a few steps are needed to get the best performance out of the FOX S. The intelligent system not only gives warnings - such as operating errors - but also provides appropriate suggestions to address these issues.

With the FOX S, Rosenbauer creates an entirely new category. Weight optimization, small dimensions, and the powerful and reliable Rotax engine make the FOX S an interesting and viable alternative to heavier portable pumps.