Foam over foam: a special vehicle for special requirements

Flammable alcohols or explosive substances are processed on the premises of the Pulawy Group in Poland. A fire would not only cause considerable damage, but could also lead to catastrophe. This is why the factory fire department relies on a special vehicle: The new foam fire fighting vehicle packs powerful extinguishing systems and an impressive 14,000 l foam compound capacity.

The Polish Pulawy Group primarily manufactures two products: fertilizer and chemical products. Highly flammable and even explosive substances are involved. The potential hazard was underscored two years ago by an explosion at a fertilizer factory in Texas (USA) that covered the area in debris and ash. The fire department of the Pulawy Group is equipped with 16 fire fighting vehicles – a few of which extinguish with foam, powder, and CO2. The new foam fire fighting vehicle of the CBS series from Rosenbauer makes a significant contribution to fire safety on the grounds of this chemical company.

Flexibly responding to the various challenges

The 90 professional fire fighters at the factory fire department must be prepared for various scenarios. Substances such as ammonium nitrate are not only used for the manufacture of fertilizers, but also for explosives. The manufacturing of chemical products can result in the accumulation of hazardous substances. The foam fire fighting vehicle can be universally used with both the 5,000 and 9,000 l capacity foam tanks. Depending on which extinguishing agent is required, enormous volumes can be quickly produced and discharged.

Different foam compounds for different scenarios

The proportioning system FOAMATIC E has a special significance. Between 15 and 450 l of foam compound can be admixed into the fire fighting water per minute. The proportioning ratio can be varied continuously as needed between one and ten percent. The two tanks are filled with two different foam compounds. A single vehicle contains all of the right extinguishing agents for a diversity of fire scenarios. This was also a request from the executives at the Pulawy Group: to not only improve fire safety, but also reduce the costs for extinguishing agents and vehicles.

Powerful extinguishing systems for enormous volumes of foam

With a total tank capacity of 14,000 l for foam compound combined with the FOAMATIC E proportioning system, enormous volumes of foam can be produced. The normal pressure pump R600 and the roof turret RM60C (both discharge 6,000 l/min at 10 bar) ensure that the fire fighting foam can also be rapidly discharged in the event of fire in order to guarantee fast and effective firefighting. Special attention has been paid to the widest possible range of inlet pressure. The reason: The hydrant system is supplied with pumps, whereby the inlet pressure is between two and twelve bar. Most of the fire fighting water comes from natural waterways. The pump on the foam fire fighting vehicle can handle organic contamination without problem thanks to a special filter system with flushing function in each feed line.

The most modern lighting and control

The LED lighting, which illuminates the environment around the vehicle and compartments, ensures perfect vision, even during nighttime operations. A pneumatic light mast and the electrically controlled searchlight on the driving compartment can also be activated as needed. The LCS 2.0 display control gets high marks with simple and intuitive operation. The foam fire fighting vehicle is built on a MAN chassis with four axes. Power is provided by a EURO5 engine with 480 hp.